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  1. Would love to see a symbols feature included in Affinity Photo. Be great to be able to create a design and then store it away as a symbol or perhaps something like the libraries feature in Photoshop so you can quickly bring back your designs into Photo or Designer etc
  2. I agree, it would be a wonderful addition to the equations filter. It definitely does need presets. It would be great if more custom inputs were available in the same way as procedural texture. Also, it would be useful on restarting the equations / procedural that the last used equations are still there as you may create an amazing set of equations to find that they are gone next time you fire up the filters menu equations etc (unless you jot it down or store it to a notepad on your computer) Procedural texture ... perhaps have an extend mode as well such as mirror if that is possible ? Created 100s of equations effects, sadly, at the moment I just have to keep a note of them and bring them back in each time via the pasteboard
  3. Symmetry with the brushes : any chance to add a feature to lock the symmetry as it is quite easy to accidentally select the lines and move the lines as you apply the brush strokes. Perhaps a right click feature to lock and unlock them ? Also, any chance a reset can be added as I like to move the centre of the symmetry but how to put it back to the exact centre of the document ? Again, a right click and reset symmetry to centre option. The ability to change the color of the lines, as they don't work so well if you are using a mainly white image so it would be great to have a preference to change the color of the guidelines. p.s Love the new procedural texture feature ... superb (be great if there was a feature to show all the commands available such as vec, sin etc ... otherwise a lot of guess work there or just checking the samples)
  4. Actually it was not visible even though I have always used the dropdown for Affinity Photo 1.4 etc - use it daily with the bitmap fill but for some reason after the install of the new 1.5, the "show context toolbar" was set to OFF so I could no longer see it. Now I have put it back to ON, the bitmap etc option is now available again.
  5. Where has the gradients panel gone, I can only create a new fill layer with a gradient and then set it to a solid color - I can no longer with 1.5.1 set the gradient or fill layer to a bitmap fill (was one of the features of AP that I really liked) Is this a bug or just a feature that has been deleted on the mac ?? Or is it tucked away in some different section ?
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