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  1. 41/2 years and still a deafening silence on a/any dimension tool.

    Whilst I appreciate that Designer is not meant to be a replacement for DrawPlus I do think that the fact that Drawplus had a dimension tool and Designer does not, indicates - very clearly - that the (otherwise brilliant) Serif developers do not fully understand the meaning of the word Designer.

    The English dictionary definition of Designer  - "One who makes artist designs, patterns , or plans of construction" the latter cannot be done without a dimension tool.

    Without a dimension tool "Designer" is a misnomer and misleading.


  2. Thanks @Patrick Connor for all updates but please, for the sake of my old brain, don't send any more emails, received 1.10 minutes ago worded like this :-

    " We are pleased to announce Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher are now all updated to version 1.7.3 (for all new and existing customers)"

    I found this very confusing when I opened the apps and found them all referring to a 1.8.0 updated.   😕


  3. Keep PagePlus and trial AF Publisher against it, much easier than someone trying to list all the differences, many of which might not affect you.

    I've purchased the full Affinity Suite but I've also kept PhotoPlus, DrawPlus and PagePlus installed, for those things I want to do that none of the AFs can do yet.

    With all the (good) work that Serif are doing/ and still have to do, I think it will be a long (long) time before the Windows users will have full AF Suites that can fully/truly replace the 'Plus range' ...... of course the Mac users do not have such, still good, products to 'fall back on'.

  4. 10 hours ago, Guyon said:


    FREE tires for EVERYONE! LOL

    Whilst I fully agree with everything that everybody has said (unusual for me:)) regarding having to pay for upgrades -  the "Free tyres (UK)" was the deal I got with my new car ...... the next set of tyres I need will be free :D; but like updates I suppose that I've already paid for them in my initial purchase price.

  5. On 3/5/2019 at 7:19 PM, v_kyr said:

    Why should Mac users have treated Serif as a 'joke'? - Just because a software isn't available for a specific platform doesn't mean the company who makes that is a joke for users of other platforms then. According to that then Linux users would probably treat it all as a joke.

    You will have noticed that joke was in inverted commas, meaning that whilst Mac users may not have actually laughed at Serif products,  that they did not take them 'seriously' as 'professional products', despite them being more than capable of doing a very competent job with Windows.

    For example I have used, for more years than I can remember, and for some things am still forced to use, Serif DrawPlus (in all its incarnations) in my job/profession as a design engineer - because in all honesty as I initially had a home desktop set-up and used three laptops I could not afford Macs, so went for Windows (in all its incarnations) and Serif products.

    So a couple of examples of Serif products not being 'professional'  - (1) I submitted, via email, a proposed design for a new piece of equipment ..... which was rejected as being 'un-openable' as their office only used Macs - I then had to travel a large distance in order to attended in person and submitted the proposal on my laptop, much to their surprise, even the disbelieve of some, that such work could be done using Serif DrawPlus. (2) I was asked to tutor a 'beginners design' group at night-school but found out that I was unable to do so because all my course work was prepared on Windows, using DrawPlus, but the school only used Macs because "Macs were the preferred system for professional offices where the students would be working.

    In my experience many so called professionals, who have not heard of or seen the Affinity products, know that Serif are now in the 'Mac market', still think you are not being 'serious' if you suggest that they think of using Serif products.

    Bearing the above in mind I can fully understand why Serif are, or seem to be, giving the Mac versions of Affinity 'preferential treatment' in order to break into that market and I wish them ever success in winning over the 'scoffers and disbelievers'.


  6. 10 hours ago, Jon1 said:

    Not yet , only in the Mac version.


    9 hours ago, walt.farrell said:

    Yes, but if Mac has it Windows will have it soon. (Or soonish.)

    Mac has always been the 'favoured son' of Affinity - (perhaps) understandably so as the 'Mac market' was a market that Serif had never had and which they had to capture in order for Affinity to succeed, But that still doesn't stop it rankling at times with those Windows users who have supported them over the years, when the Mac users treated Serif as a 'joke'.

  7. 2 minutes ago, αℓƒяє∂ said:

    Beta releases are usually ‘feature complete’, or very nearly so, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are fully functioning!

    Good morning alfred (no way am I going to attempt that signature) - that was quick ! Too hot for you, like it is for me, to be doing anything else?

    Having for many years had to be careful (usually) with my choice of words I did say "virtually", in its meaning of "almost".

  8. 33 minutes ago, αℓƒяє∂ said:

    It’s only plural because it might be two or three months! It shouldn’t be more than that.


    21 minutes ago, αℓƒяє∂ said:

    No, we’ve been told to expect it this summer (2018).

    The first public beta release may well not be suitable for much serious work.

    After waiting (im)patiently for many, many months, saying now't and still putting my trust in Serif, I'm afraid the cynic in me has got the better of me.

    "Shouldn't be more than that" (on past broken 'promises') doesn't mean "won't be more than that. How many time already have we been told to expect it because I've lost count?

    If it "may not be suitable for much serious work" what have we been kept waiting for for so long? Haven't the (hard working, and I mean that) guys at Serif been spending all this time ensuring that a virtually fully functioning product (even in beta) is released?


  9. On 3/1/2018 at 8:53 PM, AlainP said:

    Is it normal that Photo or Designer don't display at startup that version is available? 

    Now I really am confused (getting more easily done) because both my AP & AD show versions installed, not seen an app notification, or email notifications that new versions were available.

  10. On 12/14/2017 at 4:23 PM, Alfred said:


    We were previously led to expect the beta this winter and the retail version next summer! Oh well....


    Edit: I've just seen the 'patience' hashtag on the Twitter page. LOL.


    We were previously lead to believe - TonyB post 2nd Nov 2014 - Publisher should be in beta by the end of next year, I make that 2015.


    As I don't use Twitter cannot find patience hashtag

  11. Found the answer to my problem - cleared the browser cache - which enabled the relevant pages to open (?)

    But when all the 'extras' downloads were shown and I clicked on (free) purchase I got the message "Basket has already been used" - clever Serif! I had already installed extras for Photo & Designer on my laptop.

    I then logged into my Affinity account, where all the extras were shown and I was able to download them for my desktop.

  12. 16 minutes ago, Bri-Toon said:


    You're as young as you feel, right? Besides, I don't think the release is too far ahead. And as MEB mentioned, you can test what the new version will look like by trying out the beta. As long as you purchased Designer in the past, you are eligible for a free upgrade.

    Hi @Bri-Toon

    I still feel pretty young and was just trying to cheer SAntczak up by showing him that he still has plenty of time left to wait for version 1.6.

    I've already downloaded the beta but not installed as I have decided to wait for the 'official' upgrade, which I will qualify for as I was possibly one of the first to purchase the Windows version of both Affinity' - I've been so long with Serif I am on their first name terms "ring this guy with anything we've got to sell" list. :).

    Don't tell anybody else but a 'friend' told me that 1.6 could happen with-in the next two weeks.

    9 minutes ago, Alfred said:


    Or as old! wheelchair.gif

    From one old git to another -Thanks for that reminder Alfred :P

  13. 1 hour ago, MEB said:

    Hi SAntczak,

    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

    The Light UI will be introduced in version 1.6. If you don't want to wait for the next retail update you can download/install the latest Betas from the respective section in the forums which already have it implemented.

    I'm even older  than @SAntczak and like him I have used all the previous Serif products for many years and suffer from eyesight problems with the dark UI.

    At 78 I am beginning to wonder if I will survive long enough to see the release of version 1.6 :)

  14. On 01/08/2017 at 7:39 PM, Tew said:

    The Affinity tutorials are well done and necessary for a new user like myself to learn and use the program.
    However, the tutorial speakers are very proficient and move fast.
    I would like to strongly suggest that a pointer (perhaps a red arrow) be added to show the viewer exactly where the speaker is working. Often I don't find what I should be looking at soon enough, if I find it at all.
    The addition of a pointer would greatly improve the "learn ability" of the tutorials and be a great benefit to new users.


    It would also be of great help to those/me with failing eyesight (and other abilities :-)), particularly with the dark UI being used..

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