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  1. Like others, I have specifically joined this forum to bemoan the dark UI. I love the Affinity software but hate the dark UI. I am 65 years old and my eyesight has aged normally since I first needed reading glasses in my fortys. It is simple physics. Bright lighting/screens are easier to focus on because the iris gets smaller. The dark screens, and especially the dark Widows menus, of the Affinity programs cause my irises to enlarge in an attempt to let in me light. This reduces the ability to focus making my eyes tire easily and the UI becomes blurred. Remember, I have perfectly normal eyesight for my age. I have used PhotoPlus, DrawPlus and PagePlus for many years and I must confess, for simple jobs, I revert to them because they are much easier on my eyes. The online tutorials all seem to show Mac black on white drop-down menus which must be a delight to use. The white on Black Widows menus are a disaster. It is almost impossible to distinguish between white, active menu tools and greyed-out tools. Fiddling with the UI Gamma preferences is a waste of time.
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