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  1. Bloque9

    Linux. Seriously now.

    Thanks for the advice (and the sympathy)! It is not that bad actually. Anyway, I think Affinity Designer and Photo are great software.
  2. Bloque9

    Linux. Seriously now.

    I do. And still, thank you for consider it. Maybe in a few years from now.
  3. Bloque9

    Linux. Seriously now.

    Really? Do you find that hard to believe that 20,000 people in all the world would pay for a license on linux? Specially since the web development goes straight to that direction? I do not see the need to undermine an effort with your lame humour just because you think it is as hard as going to another galaxy.
  4. Bloque9

    Linux. Seriously now.

    Ill wait then, Im sure were not the only one willing to pay licenses (Linux ones) in advance.
  5. Bloque9

    Linux. Seriously now.

    Well, only thing I need is a link to send people interested in Affinity Software for Linux and actually pre-order their licenses. You can start with Designer and Photo. If its ok for you. Meantime, I keep my word to buy 9 licenses from you, (you can give me the licenses first in Windows and change to Linux when it is done). Just give me the link to pre-order my Linux software.
  6. Bloque9

    Linux. Seriously now.

    Actually, We would consider 9 licenses (Publisher, Designer and Photo for 3 computers)
  7. Bloque9

    Linux. Seriously now.

    Please, stop assuming Linux is a small market and give us a try. What does it takes for you to consider creating a Linux version? Or at least a Steam OS one? How many users or licenses? Better yet, create a Kickstart project for that and let us buy the licenses to fund your Linux version.
  8. Is there a way to change language options? Spanish, French or other?
  9. Bloque9

    Linux. Seriously now.

    Dear Affinity Developers. Instead of asking for you to make Affinity for Linux, I'd rather ask what do you need to consider to develop for Linux? The thing is, we, web developers use Linux a lot more than other people. Which is a market niche that is growing. In fact, in my agency 50% of the people use Linux. So why dont you Kickstart your project and clear all doubts? We users can pay for the development and you get to grow to new markets. Let us decide.
  10. Right now, 20% of all webdesigners use Linix (pretty high) And being a Web designer/developer myself I can tell you that I would gladly pay twice the price of AFRICA software if it's on Linux and avoid me the regular pain of switching OS.So there is a market, and I'm sure I'm not the only one since I have coleagues that think exactly the same as me
  11. I'm a Web developer and director of a small Web design agency, I believe I'm not alone when it comes to use a good photo and vector software in Linux. Right now everyone has to swicth on and off from one OS to another because some things we need a design software. Its painfully, and tedious. You guys can crowfund the project and let us know! Believe me, everyday it passes, there's more people that need Linux compatibility. The thing is there are users like me that use Linux because is better for Web development, not because is free. Kickstart the project and you will get a nice surprise, I'm confident that you'll get more that 500k because there is actual need of it. You have my word I make sure all my team use Affinity and we would be very thankful for that. What you have to loose? Crowfund now!

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