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  1. Here I have put together 10 tips for Affinity Photo. I hope you find them useful
  2. Here I explain 5 ways to sharpen with Affinity Photo. I have also included a macro for download to help with one of them. I hope you find it useful.
  3. No problem I meant removing the shadows/ highlights radius sliders. I really hope this tool is not simplified to the point where it can't be used as well as it currently can. I really find the way it currently works to be very useful. I feel bad moaning about such an extensive update. Some of these improvements have really improved AP for me. especially the new colour range selection in the HSL panel. Keep up the absolutely great work.
  4. I am talking about the shadows/highlights "live filter". This starts at zero on the left for both shadows and highlights. And it definitely increase both when you move the sliders to the right. Maybe they are trying to dumb it down for the masses. Anyway. It is broken. The shadows/highlights "adjustment layer" starts in the middle.
  5. Affinity Photo can open Fuji X-T3 files. Adobe can't do this. Another reason to love Affinity Photo!
  6. The new shadows/highlights filter is now useless for me. The old one was great. Very adjustable. One of the best. I really hope the removal of the radius slider is not by design. Any chance of some clarification on this one please?
  7. Scott Williams

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    The new HSL control is nice. Though you could give us more colour slots. Also when rotating the colour range the movement is quite jittery. Now you need to take this colour selection code from the HSL and create a new colour select panel where we can use this to select a colour range for editing. And also add a luminance range too. I don't know what the new live shadows/highlights filter is supposed to do but it seems to raise the shadows and raise the highlights too. Pretty useless.The old one was very useful. Please put it back.
  8. Scott Williams

    HSL panel

    I agree. When you want those fine adjustments being able to select the range and falloff are so useful for that fine tweaking. It would be useful to have this type of selection for use with all adjustments. For me, when I want to whizz through and quickly make tonal adjustments the LR tool is the best I've found so far.
  9. I think we could do with a HSL adjustment layer. Much like lightrooms HSL adjustment panel, where we could adjust the ranges with sliders. Photoshop has this as part of camera raw and it is a really powerful tool.
  10. Scott Williams

    HSL panel

    The Camera raw panel has an 8 colour slider which gives us finer control over the colour range than the 6 colour ranges in AP HSL. This does make a difference when making fine adjustments. With Lightroom you can also select a point on screen and move up/down to change the HSL of a specific target colour, this gives up unlimited resolution of selection in the colour range. And is a very natural way of adjusting the HSL. Having the colours laid out in a list and being able to move down them one by one is quicker, easier and less fiddly than having to pick the colour from a drop down list and then adjust the HSL for that colour. I use the HSL adjustment for every one of my projects multiple times. I just find it cumbersome and too blunt an instrument in use compared to the Camera Raw HSL panel and especially the one in Lightroom. In fact I would stick the vibrance and contrast controls on this panel too. It would be very convenient. In fact we could have a sort of "Master Adjustment" with these, clarity, and a few other things on it. It would be really nice to have a single adjustment filter which you can whip down and make multiple adjustments in one shot rather than having to add multiple adjustment layers. Or maybe even an adjustment panel that the user can define. Adding and removing the adjustments they need. I know we have the develop persona but that is just not as quick and convenient and a single adjustment layer with multiple adjustment types.
  11. crop doesn't remove pixels outside document bounds I'm probably being a bit thick here but I don't understand what this means ?
  12. Scott Williams

    Ten Top Tips for Affinity Photo

    You are welcome. Glad you found it useful
  13. Scott Williams

    Ten Top Tips for Affinity Photo

    I have now added timestamps to the video description. I realised that not everyone will want to be scrubbing through the video just to find a single tip.
  14. Scott Williams

    Ten Top Tips for Affinity Photo

    Thank you very much
  15. I think it is time for a new version of Affinity Photo desktop. It feels as if Affinity Photo has stalled. Is there anything in the pipeline at all?
  16. Scott Williams

    New version

    Thank you very much for answering so quickly. I can't wait
  17. You are very welcome. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and tell your friends! I need all the help I can get at the moment
  18. My latest tutorial. How to create and use light rays in Affinity Photo. Feedback very Welcome.
  19. A tutorial on how to use Blend Ranges withing Affinity Photo
  20. Thank you very much
  21. The amended video is now up - link is changed. The right panel part is at 17:37.
  22. I owe you an apology, It is not there. I have accidentally uploaded an earlier version of the video without the right panel explanation included. I am very sorry for making you out to be wrong when you have kindly taken the time to properly check out my video. Thank you very much for pointing this out. It has has over 400 views in two days and you are the only person to mention it. I am very grateful. It will be deleted today and replaced it with the correct video today. Thanks again. Scott.