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  1. "But that assumes manually assigning an A master to every left page, and a B master to every right page, correct?" If I set up two single page masters for left and right facing pages, as I think was suggested earlier, and apply whatever margins are required (unlink 'edit all margins together'), then if you right click on either master there is a list where there is an option 'apply Master to pages...' where it allows a master to be assigned to all odd or even pages, or indeed specified pages, so you don't have to go through your document manually assigning a master to each page. Does this do what you want? Interestingly, if you then look at the spread setup properties for a page assigned left or right masters, the margins do not reflect what is on the master page, although they seem to be displayed correctly on the page. Must be a bug, I suppose.
  2. I find that a discontiguous selection on the page can be made by just shift clicking each item. The bounding box may appear to select more items but after shift-clicking whatever items you want, you can copy and then paste to the page you want. Note - you can also select from the layers panel - here Ctrl-click selects discontiguous items. Alternatively, you can zoom out (Ctrl-wheel) after selecting and then move your selection to the pasteboard ie off the page. You can then select an item or items on the pasteboard and move them directly to a page in zoomed out view or right click and cut or copy (or use the Layers panel) and then on the Pages panel select the page you want by double-clicking and then paste. Works for me on Windows. May be a better way of implementing but hope that helps.
  3. Wasp11b

    Quick Mask Issues

    Initially posted on the AP Windows Beta folder before release but no response so will try here. I was seeing behaviours below on the beta on Windows 10, and still seeing the same on the released version Firstly 1. Take rasterised (pixel) photo 2. select paint brush tool and set colour to white (or any other colour) 3. hover brush over photo - there's white within the shape of the brush, 4. press Q for quick mask while the white colour is still in the brush shape 5. Brush leaves white brush mark on photo 6. If you go on to define a quick selection, ie paint in quick mask mode without clicking again, then press Q again to see selection - there's a white brush mark within the selection. 7, If you click off layer visibility and then click it again to turn on, the white circular paint mark disappears leaving just the selection - or wipe the brush over the white mark without clicking. Note: When you first select paint brush tool with the white dot inside ie step 2, if you wait a second or two the white within the brush shape becomes transparent and then you can proceed to selection without any problems. Secondly Enter quick mask mode and then choose a grey to paint for a selection with some transparency. When deselect Quick mask mode, there are no marching ants. However, if you duplicate the layer you have the selected contents (painted) area with transparency. I assume there should be marching ants to show the initial selection. Is anyone else seeing these behaviours? Thanks