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  1. In Publisher, is it possible to name colours and to remove colours in the swatches palette next to 'recent' and under 'Palette'? Is there a advanced tutorial on the Colours and Swatches Palette?
  2. Max Beinema

    Paragraph Styles

    Yes, it is. I keep following Publishers' new features and will come back as soon as footnote options are included.
  3. Max Beinema

    Paragraph Styles

    I just found out that there is one other issue which will keep me away from Publisher: it doesn't recognize and can't deal with footnotes! I think the designers of this progamm made some wrong choices here. What a pity! At first Publisher seemed to be very promising.
  4. Max Beinema

    Paragraph Styles

    Thank you for your reaction. I think i would stick to Old Bruce's method, which – so it seems to me – is more solid and flexible.
  5. Max Beinema

    Paragraph Styles

    Yes, of course, that's important. It's just that i often work with clients that come with small changes more than once .... I'm investigating Publisher as a possible alternative for Indesign. So this feature is a disadvantage. But there could be others that are in favour of Indesign .... Thank you for your advice!
  6. Max Beinema

    Paragraph Styles

    Thank you Old Bruce. It works fine! For me this method has one advantage: i will have to perform the procedure of 'find & replace' for every new imported piece of text?
  7. Max Beinema

    Paragraph Styles

    Sorry, I wasn't clear it concerns a Publisher issue. When I place a Word text, which contains plain text with some italics, it shows up correct in Publisher. But the moment I assign a paragraph style to the text, the italics change in regular. Is there a way to prevent this?
  8. Is it possible to create a paragraph style from an imported text with some italics, that leaves the italics unchanged (doesn't change them into regular}? MaxB

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