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  1. I Agree. The Raw developer is not on the level with Lightroom or Capture One. For Pro's not to use. (Input: Phase One, Leica M+ SL & Canon 5D Mark 4)
  2. blur on mask: That's it. Thank you very much!
  3. How to blur non-destructive a mask /alpha Chanel? Live-Filter does not work on an alpha Chanel... Thank you
  4. Hello, 25 Years Photoshop. i´m a pro and its my daily business. I´m looking for something new. Hope i found it :-) But: I work a lot with Masks. I can not find 2 very very important features of PS. 1: How to Blur my mask non destructive. 2: How can i show my Mask transparent on the image (in different colours, to paint on it) I am German, hope you can recognize the photoshop screenshot to know what i mean

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