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  1. Hi (Bonjour), No answer yet, so I assume that nobody own a high end iMac to test Affinity Photo Metal optimization?
  2. Hi (Bonjour), I’m currently use a brand new iMac 5K 27 mid-2017 4.2 Ghz 32 Go RAM, latest High Sierra updates. The video card is a Radeon Pro 580 8192 Mo VRAM. I’m using Affinity Photo 1.6.7. What are the performance settings to get the fastest user experience with this iMac? Under DISPLAY: What to choose: Software, OpenGL (basic), OpenGL or Metal ? Should I use only integrated graphic GPU? Despite all my tests, I get constant similar performance with OpenGL or Metal or use GPU only? And the internal fan kick in very often
  3. Hi (Bonjour)! Open the second document in a new window, select all, copy and paste in the first document. A new layer will be created on top.
  4. Hi (Bonjour)! May be it's related to your new document color format. Try RGB/16 instead of RGB/8. 16 bit give many more levels of color. Gradient generate a serial of color shades between two defined colors and 8 bit may not render all those shades, resulting in the banding. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8-bit_color https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_color Michel
  5. Hi (bonjour), Okay, my mistake with the video URL. It's on Vimeo. We can find it directly on affinity photo home page. And I didn't catch the source and destination concept. Thank you. Salut, Oui c'est mon erreur pour l'adresse du vidéo, il est sur Vimeo bien sûr. Je n'ai pas réalisé le concept de la source et de la destination avec cet outil. Merci
  6. Hi(Bonjour), In the new affinity Photo presentation video ( www.youtube.com/194672406 ), at 00:13, we can see the mesh wrap tool applied on a drinking glass. See the picture. (safari001.jpg) When I try this tool and add handles, I get long lines from handle to handle and can't surround a contour like the glass in the video. Those lines cross all the photo to the rulers. See the picture ( Affinity Photo 001.jpg) How can I get this wrap setup? Merci.
  7. Hi (Bonjour) Effectively, the arrange button from toolbar is missing. How can distribute objects with a precise distance (the buffer amount) as stated on page 83 of the Affinity Designer WorkBook. Thank you. Michel B.
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