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  1. I'm trying to open TIFF images that open instantly in MacOS Preview, but they cause Affinity Photo for Mac to crash. Report is below. This happens whether you control-click the file and ask it to be opened in Affinity Photo, or try to open it from Affinity Photo directly. The photos were taken with Spot Imaging software (5.6). Any ideas? Process: Affinity Photo [3590] Path: /Applications/Affinity Photo.app/Contents/MacOS/Affinity Photo Identifier: Affinity Photo Version: 1.8.3 (1.8.180) App Item ID: 82418345
  2. Posting to +1 to keep letting Serif know that lack of this feature is a deal-breaker for full adaption of A.D. Seems like Serif got so into building other apps (Photo, Publisher, iOS apps, etc.) they forgot to finish Designer. A shame.
  3. While the beta functionality is a step in the right direction, what I am looking for is to transform "each" by a specific amount (% scale horizontal and/or vertical, degree rotation, etc.). It can be difficult to do an exact change by eye using the handlebars. To really make this feature great, one would want a "select-by-attribute" function, whereby one could select all objects of a particular color or stroke-size, and then transform them individually by a set amount (scale, rotation, reflection, etc.). I'm very much looking forward to this, as it will end my subscription-slavery to alt
  4. It's been two years... still no action on this critical feature. I just had a graduate student tell me she was going to back to Illustrator CS6 because of the lack of "transform each". As others have noted, there are entire fields (large fields) of potential users for which this is an ESSENTIAL feature. I wonder if the AD developers realize the size of the potential market. If they did, wouldn't they address this key issue (along with "select same appearance") sooner??? Still waiting....
  5. I have the same problem, with a relatively normal font: Myriad Pro. I get a message upon opening a pdf file using that font that says MyriadPro-Regular is missing. I can change it to "Myriad Pro" font family, but only "Bold" is available. I use this font (bold, regular, and other subsets) all the time in other programs. It has nothing to do with restarting AD or "resetting" the fonts. Anybody have any ideas as to what is happening here???
  6. Transform each is one of two critical features (select by attribute being the other) that prevents me from jettisoning Illustrator from my Mac. I'm surprised that these features have not already been addressed at 1.5, but hopeful they will make the roadmap soon. It may be that those using AD for "artwork" illustrations don't use these features very much, but those of us doing technical drawings and graphs absolutely need them, and their inclusion would, I think, greatly expand the user base for AD (at the expense of Adobe).
  7. Select by attribute is one of two critical features that keep Illustrator (CS6) on my machine. The other being "transform each". The two functions work great together to allow one to select a bunch of similar objects and transform each of them at once, but not as a group. I am super hopeful that these features get added to your roadmap.
  8. Was disappointed that 1.5 doesn't have select by attribute, and I note that the roadmap hasn't been updated. I am incredibly hopeful that this feature will be added soon. Together with "transform each", this is a critical feature for technical drawings and figures.
  9. Select by attribute (e.g., by color, stroke, etc.) seems like a very basic feature. It's surprising that it is still not available, or even listed on the "road map". This one feature would significantly enhance the overall usability of Affinity.
  10. AD desperately needs a "select by appearance" tool so that one can simultaneously grab all objects having a similar feature (color, stroke, font). The lack of this feature is severely limiting. Please at least add it to the roadmap.
  11. It has been over a year since the last post on this thread, but as far as I know, this feature (select all sharing a common feature) has not been addressed. This is a very useful (some would say "necessary") feature that Affinity Designer should have. Hopefully you will address it soon???
  12. I really need this feature ("select same" based on stroke, color, etc.). I very much hope this will be added ASAP, as it's the one thing that keeps me from deleting CS6 for good.
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