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  1. I am a proponent of being able to set an automatic save of my work to date on any image in process. Many people have complained about crashes and freezes during their image manipulations. This of course, can be very frustrating, in that it requires a restart all the time. I have looked for an option that would actually save all my work automatically every X minutes without success. I then have gotten into the habit of stopping work to save my work in process manually. I don't suffer problems very often, but when it happens, I am thankful, I have my backup. Would love to see this feature added.
  2. It seems to me that you folks are extending your services far beyond what could be expected. I hope that the staff will continue to have good health and return to normal quickly.
  3. I also fail to find the logic that keeps Serif from publishing the workbook in pdf format. They do so many excellent things and the software throughout their history has been top drawer, it is just strange that they haven't lent credence to the many calls and requests for a digital version.
  4. If you are still stuck trying to use 1.7.3, you might just try downloading and installing the next beta version. This would run side by side with a released version and doesn't share code.
  5. This topic may not be in the appropriate forum, but it is, I think germane to this app. Many competitors are beginning to introduce AI processing for various filters or plug ins that seem to work much better that the old ones that required oodles more time to achieve acceptable results. My question is simply if there is a future path on the horizon for Photo that has some AI features.
  6. There are lots of possible problems trying to create your own help files. Most of them will fall under the category of maintenance. Every update, and there has been a ton of those, needs to be reviewed to see if the existing help needs modification. I tried to do something similar, but finally decided that my life should be devoted to images, not help files. Affinity products are work in process, and they seem to do a modicum of attention to this subject. Perhaps when the products are more mature, we will see better written support. In the meantime, keep watching for new video tutorials on your particular interests. These are improved over the original efforts. (Thank you James Riston )
  7. I sometimes want to work in Photo when no internet is available, and I would like to reference the user manual (or help file). I have such a file, downloaded a year or two ago, but so much has happened to the software, I'd like to obtain a newer version. It seems the downloaded version is more detailed than the help file attached to the software, or maybe its just my imagination. Unfortunately, I can't locate the link to the windows version download. Can someone post the link if it exists? Thanks.
  8. I think that my camera is set up to record images in sRGB format and 14 or 16 bit depth. In the case above, I got a bit peeved after experiencing this problem continuously for a long time and finally decided someone would understand what was happening. The exercise today was the result of loading 3 images in HDR merge, and Photo apparently made the conversion to 32bit. However, I will have to look further into the PEF file format as this seems to happen with single images as well. Anyway, my gratitude is extended to you because you hit the nail on the head. - Thank you so much.
  9. When I start to process a raw file (PEF) and wish to use a filter plugin during the editing process, Photo greys out the plugins that are in the filter preferences list and are thus unavailable. If I happen to start post processing from a .jpg image, all the plugins work perfectly. What am I missing? This behavior has occurred in all previous versions, but I simply exported the raw image as a jpg and then reopened the file and was able to use the plugin and complete the post work. Any hints would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Walt - I checked my preferences and yes I see the 300 set for recovery. So I loaded an image and pulled the plug for the computer from the wall socket simulating an electrical outage. After restarting the computer and Photo, I was not offered the option of recovery. The Help file indicates that this should happen automatically, but didn't for me. I still believe that a true auto save feature is really a valuable thing to have.
  11. I have, unfortunately, lost several images mid production due to pressing a wrong key, computer freeze up, or a variety of other unintended operations. Would it be to much to be able to choose to activate an auto save feature (in Photo format), set in preferences, that could have a variable time. This may have been requested before, but I consider it to be an important feature. Thank you for your interest.
  12. Hi Skybolt, Out of curiosity, have you tried to to develop an image without using the curves adjustment? Then, I wonder if you suffer the same crash when using the curves adjustment on a layer??? I tried to duplicate what you are describing in develop, but the behavior I am seeing is no problem with curves. Maybe a fresh reinstall after a reboot of the system?? Just a couple of ideas to get you off the schnide.
  13. Hello AlainP Interesting that you have found an assembly error. I can't comment about that happening to me, since I haven't ordered the product. However, my neighbor has and I will ask if this error has been duplicated in his purchase. Should that be the case, I will report that here. Too bad that this happened as the book is really quite nice - but I can't avail myself of the luxury of providing space to keep it (in my 328 sq. ft traveling motorhome vehicle.)
  14. Not only the comments you make are so relevant, but think how easy it would be to update the written word to match updates in the software so that all readers would be able to keep up with changes. I don't know why Serif elected to go hard copy only, but the demand for digital publishing and the reasons for it, seem to be growing. I would at least think that Serif would share their logic instead of allowing discontent to flourish. Serif has been an excellent software supplier for decades and has a strong audience, and is a company that folks want to support. I really don't understand why this can't be addressed.
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