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  1. Iam1of2

    Gradient tool broken in 251

    I didn't have an issue with the adjustment bar. Moved it in both directions and it behaved itself.
  2. Iam1of2

    Auto save

    Walt - I checked my preferences and yes I see the 300 set for recovery. So I loaded an image and pulled the plug for the computer from the wall socket simulating an electrical outage. After restarting the computer and Photo, I was not offered the option of recovery. The Help file indicates that this should happen automatically, but didn't for me. I still believe that a true auto save feature is really a valuable thing to have.
  3. I have, unfortunately, lost several images mid production due to pressing a wrong key, computer freeze up, or a variety of other unintended operations. Would it be to much to be able to choose to activate an auto save feature (in Photo format), set in preferences, that could have a variable time. This may have been requested before, but I consider it to be an important feature. Thank you for your interest.
  4. Brian, You don't seem to be aware that there are more than 200 Youtube/Vimeo video tutorials available on the Affinity Photo website forum. They are by category and are very well done. My question to the Affinity staff is basically how they will designate any changed videos to designate that the subject matter will address new versions. Meanwhile, there is just a lot of information to digest.
  5. There is another approach to dynamic range control that may be of assistance to you in the Develop module. In the upper right corner are 3 icons that allow you to see the areas of the image which are out of dynamic range of both highlights and shadows. By clicking on one, and adjusting the appropriate slider (black/brightness) you can adjust to your taste.
  6. Iam1of2

    Affinity Photo crash when moving curves

    Hi Skybolt, Out of curiosity, have you tried to to develop an image without using the curves adjustment? Then, I wonder if you suffer the same crash when using the curves adjustment on a layer??? I tried to duplicate what you are describing in develop, but the behavior I am seeing is no problem with curves. Maybe a fresh reinstall after a reboot of the system?? Just a couple of ideas to get you off the schnide.
  7. Hi pk0036. As you may know, raw photos brought into Affinity cannot be altered, they are basically used as a reference starting point for post processing changes. As soon as you click APPLY, the raw file is essentially retired and you are then working on a replica, with or without changes. You can then save this image with Affinity's unique extension of the file name. From that point on, you will non destructively be processing a different image. Your raw file is safe, and your creative juices can flow and you can ultimately export the image to one of many different formats.
  8. I attempted the mask capture using your suggestion, and I have to say I was strongly impressed with the results and the ease of completing the process. I consider the solution to my original inquiry fully satisfied. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
  9. I have looked through all of the videos and I haven't been able to find one that addresses masking a complex object such as a tree or object that has lots of undesired background within the borders of the object itself. I have an image that needs to have the transfer of a tree from another image and replace the background. It's a similar operation as the existing process in the video "Compositing Landscapes" I believe, except for the capture of the complex masking required. Any suggestions as to where to look??
  10. Iam1of2

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Hello AlainP Interesting that you have found an assembly error. I can't comment about that happening to me, since I haven't ordered the product. However, my neighbor has and I will ask if this error has been duplicated in his purchase. Should that be the case, I will report that here. Too bad that this happened as the book is really quite nice - but I can't avail myself of the luxury of providing space to keep it (in my 328 sq. ft traveling motorhome vehicle.)
  11. Iam1of2

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Not only the comments you make are so relevant, but think how easy it would be to update the written word to match updates in the software so that all readers would be able to keep up with changes. I don't know why Serif elected to go hard copy only, but the demand for digital publishing and the reasons for it, seem to be growing. I would at least think that Serif would share their logic instead of allowing discontent to flourish. Serif has been an excellent software supplier for decades and has a strong audience, and is a company that folks want to support. I really don't understand why this can't be addressed.
  12. Iam1of2

    Affinity App can't open

    For what it may be worth, I have Trend Micro running dependably, and it has never, on either of my computers (windows 10, 1607 and Window 10 -1709) caused an issue.
  13. Iam1of2

    Affinity Photo very slow

    Just to let you know that the feature in W10 that you found weird is something that Microsoft calls Spotlight images and can be implemented in the Display Settings. They are a series of exceptional quality and some remarkable images meant for your enjoyment just during the sign in process. They often don't work on many computers even when you want them.
  14. Iam1of2

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Patrick - I envy the many users of the Photo workbook because I am unable to participate. I am an eternal rover, as I live in a motorized vehicle that is 41x8 feet and has absolutely no space for a book the size of this. I have no qualm over price since the illustrations make it look like a high quality work. Is it just possible that the authors might conceive of releasing a version of this document as a digital book? While I have hardly space to store my camera, my computer has tons of space.
  15. Iam1of2

    Labels disappearing in Photo

    I downloaded beta and the problems I saw in the released version on this computer seem to have been solved, although not specifically mentioned in the "fixed bug" list. I worked through an image with several screens being used, and saw no evidence of missing characters or words. Good going guys.