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  1. When I start to process a raw file (PEF) and wish to use a filter plugin during the editing process, Photo greys out the plugins that are in the filter preferences list and are thus unavailable. If I happen to start post processing from a .jpg image, all the plugins work perfectly. What am I missing? This behavior has occurred in all previous versions, but I simply exported the raw image as a jpg and then reopened the file and was able to use the plugin and complete the post work. Any hints would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Iam1of2

    Gradient tool broken in 251

    I didn't have an issue with the adjustment bar. Moved it in both directions and it behaved itself.
  3. Iam1of2

    Auto save

    Walt - I checked my preferences and yes I see the 300 set for recovery. So I loaded an image and pulled the plug for the computer from the wall socket simulating an electrical outage. After restarting the computer and Photo, I was not offered the option of recovery. The Help file indicates that this should happen automatically, but didn't for me. I still believe that a true auto save feature is really a valuable thing to have.
  4. I have, unfortunately, lost several images mid production due to pressing a wrong key, computer freeze up, or a variety of other unintended operations. Would it be to much to be able to choose to activate an auto save feature (in Photo format), set in preferences, that could have a variable time. This may have been requested before, but I consider it to be an important feature. Thank you for your interest.
  5. Hi Skybolt, Out of curiosity, have you tried to to develop an image without using the curves adjustment? Then, I wonder if you suffer the same crash when using the curves adjustment on a layer??? I tried to duplicate what you are describing in develop, but the behavior I am seeing is no problem with curves. Maybe a fresh reinstall after a reboot of the system?? Just a couple of ideas to get you off the schnide.
  6. Iam1of2

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Hello AlainP Interesting that you have found an assembly error. I can't comment about that happening to me, since I haven't ordered the product. However, my neighbor has and I will ask if this error has been duplicated in his purchase. Should that be the case, I will report that here. Too bad that this happened as the book is really quite nice - but I can't avail myself of the luxury of providing space to keep it (in my 328 sq. ft traveling motorhome vehicle.)
  7. Iam1of2

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Not only the comments you make are so relevant, but think how easy it would be to update the written word to match updates in the software so that all readers would be able to keep up with changes. I don't know why Serif elected to go hard copy only, but the demand for digital publishing and the reasons for it, seem to be growing. I would at least think that Serif would share their logic instead of allowing discontent to flourish. Serif has been an excellent software supplier for decades and has a strong audience, and is a company that folks want to support. I really don't understand why this can't be addressed.
  8. Iam1of2

    Affinity App can't open

    For what it may be worth, I have Trend Micro running dependably, and it has never, on either of my computers (windows 10, 1607 and Window 10 -1709) caused an issue.
  9. Iam1of2

    Affinity Photo very slow

    Just to let you know that the feature in W10 that you found weird is something that Microsoft calls Spotlight images and can be implemented in the Display Settings. They are a series of exceptional quality and some remarkable images meant for your enjoyment just during the sign in process. They often don't work on many computers even when you want them.
  10. Iam1of2

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Patrick - I envy the many users of the Photo workbook because I am unable to participate. I am an eternal rover, as I live in a motorized vehicle that is 41x8 feet and has absolutely no space for a book the size of this. I have no qualm over price since the illustrations make it look like a high quality work. Is it just possible that the authors might conceive of releasing a version of this document as a digital book? While I have hardly space to store my camera, my computer has tons of space.
  11. I downloaded beta and the problems I saw in the released version on this computer seem to have been solved, although not specifically mentioned in the "fixed bug" list. I worked through an image with several screens being used, and saw no evidence of missing characters or words. Good going guys.
  12. FYI, the second computer mentioned in my post above is a 2016 MSI gaming machine with I7 processor / 32 Gb ram and Nvidia GEForce GTX.graphic card. I think there is a newer gaming driver released, but since I am not into gaming, I didn't feel the need to obtain it.
  13. Downloaded and installed today and found the following: 1. scroll bar at bottom of magnified image disappears when in Inpainting brush. Can fiddle around with the mouse clicking on the image several times and it will reappear so that I can move the image to continue horizontal brushing on the portion of the image previously off screen. 2. Similar disappearance of labels in the Layers / Adjustment Levels subroutine. 3. Finally (at least for this post) I lose the labels in the Main menu line and if I click enough times, they return. I have only run the program once so far (and on a 2nd computer) and all this is entirely new. That is, I haven't seen this on my desktop computer, where the program has been installed for several days now. The aforementioned behavior is unique to Photo and doesn't occur on other software.
  14. Iam1of2

    raw file thumbnails

    Everyone interested - The trial of Fast Picture Viewer Codec Pack was a success. I am now view the imaged icons of virtually any camera manufacturer's raw file in AP's OPEN dialog, or for that matter any other file viewer. For $10, that's a no brainer. You can obtain a license or trial or just read about this software at " http://www.fastpictureviewer.com/codecs/ It's good for a single user on up to 3 computers and will function on 64/32 bit machines including Windows 10 and previious. If I get a response from Rikoh regarding a codec, I will post, otherwise I thank you all for your interest in this topic. I can now concentrate on AP and its myriad features.
  15. Iam1of2

    raw file thumbnails

    DVAN - Irfanview has always been a pretty good utility and Irfan has been very helpful and accomodating as well. However, running more than one program when looking for an image seems to me to be a bit silly for such a basic function. No response yet from Rikoh, but they usually will provide answers, so when that happens I will post. In the meantime, for $10 US, I located a program that supposedly has multitudes of codecs and modifies Explorer to let it display raw images for hundreds of cameras, so I am hopeful that will resolve the Affinity issue. There is a 15 day trial version, which I will be loading up today. Check with Google for the website for "FastPictureViewerCodecPackTRIAL".