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  1. Just out of curiousity, how do the paid upgrades work for major releases (such as 2.0, 3.0, etc)? Are you essentially paying the same price, or is there a discount for those that already have the software?
  2. I'd love to see some videos on how to create website logos using Designer. Maybe it's possible to create simple ones with Photo...I'm not sure. I'm still a newbie, so I appreciate your tutorials.
  3. Just out of curiosity, do you plan on releasing a similar series for Affinity Designer?
  4. Hey, Drippy Cat. I'm going through your Affinity Photo Foundations course on Udemy right now. I like it a lot so far and it has helped tremendously and I'm only in section 2. :) Keep up the great work!
  5. Thanks for the tip. In my case, it was because I was running some VPN software. Once I disconnected from it, I was able to download the images without an issue. Not sure why I couldn't do it while connected to a VPN unless the IP I was coming from was blocked, but at least it works now. Thanks!
  6. I'm using Chrome on a Mac and I don't get auto logged out. Does this happen with every browser you use?
  7. I just installed Affinity Photo on my Mac and I was trying to download some of the sample images (the initial screen when you open the program), but I keep getting this error: "Download Error. Unable to download sample. The following error has occurred: The operation couldn’t be completed. Connection reset by peer" I know my internet connection is working because I can get to everything else just fine. Are these images still available for download or were they removed? Thanks.
  8. Hello, everyone! I am a newbie to graphic design and photo editing and still in the early learning phase. I am going to get my toes wet using Affinity Photo and Designer. They both look like two very polished and powerful products. Kudos to the Affinity team for a job well done. Thank you for offering excellent products without a required subscription! I hope to see you around and learn more from the folks here.
  9. Thank you! I was hoping someone would explain it to me in simple terms to make it easy to understand to a newbie like myself. Now I understand why they are separated and what each one is geared toward. Thanks!!
  10. Can someone explain to me what the difference between Affinity Photo and Designer is? In the screen shots I've seen, they both look pretty similar. On a related note, can you create graphics such as logos within Affinity Photo? I searched Youtube hoping to find this, but all it turned up were logo tutorials using Affinity Designer. Can you not do logos with Affinity Photo? Thanks.
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