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  1. Could you please fix the Jixiplugins to work better with Affinity Photo?when i open an image ,and i i use one of those plugins after using a preset i can't go back and open the plugin again,please if it's possible ? charles
  2. Hi mark i,m back. Indeed it does not work as you wish but try this link and in that tutorial you can try and it will work,but with a layer mask it does not and that is not OK
  3. Hi Mark. I,ve seen what you are doing and by me it<s the same,before i continue can you tell me how you get to the blend modes iif you choose the paint brush?because i don,t see the blend modes,help with that then i will continue.. regards charles
  4. Is it possible to make the Curves(in tone panel DP)the same as in PP (adjustment layer tone curve)?they are different best regards. charles
  5. Please give us the possibilty to see clipped highlights and clipped shadows and clipped tones Photo Persona as in Develop Persona. best regards. charles
  6. Hi,If i am not mistaken it does work as you describe,i wanted aswell and i just tried it again and it works for me here in 1.7.2. regards. charles
  7. Because i think they doing the same thing i look indeed at those two as the same for me and one is different as the other while they give me the same info.
  8. HI I"m sorry my discription of the the problem was wrong.!!!! When open a Raw file(Develop persona) i go to tones i see a histogram at the top and in the curve dialog box i don't see the histogram why is there a difference,while in the Photo persona i see in the curve adjustment the histogram at the top and in the curve dialog box aswell. sorry for the confusion Beta and non Beta.
  9. Hi Guys,why is the curve adjustment in Develop persona different then in non beta version?in the non beta version there is a graph,why not the same?
  10. O yes there is some thing ,when you select the levels adjustment layer and you hold down the alt key and move the hightlight or the shadow slider you will see when it,s clipped and i prefer to do it as in Develop persona
  11. Hi i do want to ask if affinity can give us the possibility to see the clipped ares,but not via a adjusment layer as it is now in photo Persona,as it's in Develop persona. thanks in advance.
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