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  1. Hr.Hubert hartelijk dank voor je hulp,heb het eerder geweten van jou tutorial geleerd maar was het even vergeten . Hi Mr.Hubert thank you very much for your help i did kwew it before but i,ve forgotten it for a moment,i,ve learnd it from your tutoiral. thanks Charles
  2. HI Guys. I need some help again,i, m working on an image and i want to use a treshold adjustment layer above it,when i want to paint on that adjustment layer with black or with white my brush does not show the black color or the white color,i,ve rasterize the treshold adjusment layer before i tried to paint but it does not work like it use to do,ihad this problem before but for an ankown reason i got that problem again,any help plese i do have with the with both the versions including the beta version. thanks in advance. charles
  3. chaleco45

    photo Persona

    Hi Jojn. I just tested af with ff 8 it works like it works with ff7 but it takes a long time to devolpe the image i did,nt take not time because i did,nt want to sit and wait for that to happen ,but it takes a lot of time. regards. charles
  4. chaleco45

    photo Persona

    Hi Guys. Thanks for your reactions,I,ve downloaded the version 135 and it does not work with the new version aswell,i think it is a problem with my win 10 system,because the other computer with version 123 works well and with win 10 pror with version 123 works normal with win 10 aswell
  5. Hi all. I do have aproblem with filter forge 7/8 does not work in AF on one of my computers, I have two computers with all most the same spec only one of them are using the intel I5-7500 cpu and the other one is I7-4790 cpu,in the one with the i5 filter forge 7 and 8 does not work as plugin it tells me a problem with ff,but in the other computer i can start ff7 or 8 normally as a plugin only there it takes years to devlope the image,but that's an other problem,both the systems i do have win 10 pro installed,BTW,those plugins does not work aswell in the Beta 243,none of the computers Does any body has a solution for me? thanks in advance. charles
  6. chaleco45

    Akvis Plugins

    Dear Sir. Many thanks for the information it works. regards. charles
  7. Hi all,i dove a small problem with akvis 16 plugin,i load a {jpg}and it works ok,but when open an image from the devolpe persona i get a 16 bit tiff,and then i open it in akvis sketch,and it.s grey out does that mean it do not support 16 bit tiff,s. thanks in advance . charles
  8. chaleco45


    Hi Could you please tell something about your nice paintings,how you did those nice brush strokes etc,etc
  9. chaleco45

    pixel selection

    I,m sorry i made a mistake i didn,t press add at the top,so i could not seen the marching ants, regards,charles
  10. chaleco45

    pixel selection

    Hi all,when i use the the selection tool in the beta version i don.t see the marching ants,none of the other tools eighter is it a bug of so?Look at view and the show pixel selection is marked. thanks in advance. charles
  11. chaleco45

    Develop Persona

    When in Develop Persona do some adjustment and then i make a preset where can i find the preset that ive made ? thanks in advance charles
  12. chaleco45

    filterforge 7.0

    Hi guys,i was suprised to see that the new AP version was supporting Filter forge 7.0,but it was a misstake,i can start filter forge 7.0 within AP,but when i'm in filterforge and want to apply the filter AP freezes. please help. regards,charles
  13. Hi there,can anybody that uses intuos pro help with how to configure this tablet in Affinity windows? thanks ,charles