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  1. Hi Guys. I"m back with the same problem i"ve started this treath, I can not apply a preset to an image and start again the software a reapet an other preset,because it(the software in use)does not open again,do you all have the same problems?I;ve updated all the software I'm using and still I can"t do the things i"ve mentioned above. charles
  2. Hi,all,i want to ask,does we go to version 2.0 after this bets 1.9,or will be beta 2.0 aswell? thanks in advance . charles
  3. Why my images suddenly get lighter when goes from Dev.P to Photo P?. thanks in advance charles
  4. Hi . This bug is in Affinity,because I use ACDSEE 2019,and I can open the plugin,in the edit mode and change or open and closed it as much i want,so this bug is in Affinity
  5. Hi. I"back and with an other dissapointment,new update 18.3,and still no fix for JIXPIX plugin šŸ˜Ŗ
  6. Hi Guys. I do want to give you this tip.if you want to use JIXPIX plugins,be aware that it"indeed nice plugins,but,if you apply a filter to an image and you want to go back to the same image and change the one you"ve use before,you CAN"T go back because AP does not let you do so,I"ve report this already and it" still not working,please be aware of this !!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I just downloaded ver 18.2 and still no changes in the plugin,please HELP. best regards. charles
  8. Thank you very much for effort to help and explaining. best regards. charles
  9. At the first plac,thanks,it is indeed better,but why it must be at 100 %?
  10. Thank you for reaction. When i open an image in AP,then activate one of the JIXPIX plugins(watercolor,Impresso,chromatic edges,and i apply one of them it works without any problem,but when i want to open one of the the plugins again and try some else they don"n open again. Hope it's OK what i"ve written. Thanks in advance. charles
  11. Hi Lee. Thanks for your reaction. But it does not help,i put live filter above the layer and merge visible no succes thanks in advance
  12. After downloading AP 1.8 ,it's clear that JIXPIX plugins still don"t work as it must in AP,please can that be fixed? thanks in advance. charles
  13. Hi. I have this problem for a long time i always tought it was me,but now i"ve downloaded 1,8,i see it's still there. When I applied it and want to finish my work i merge visible it goes back as i didn't do anything,is that correct,I think it"s not. regards. charles
  14. Could you please fix the Jixiplugins to work better with Affinity Photo?when i open an image ,and i i use one of those plugins after using a preset i can't go back and open the plugin again,please if it's possible ? charles
  15. Hi mark i,m back. Indeed it does not work as you wish but try this link and in that tutorial you can try and it will work,but with a layer mask it does not and that is not OK
  16. Hi Mark. I,ve seen what you are doing and by me it<s the same,before i continue can you tell me how you get to the blend modes iif you choose the paint brush?because i don,t see the blend modes,help with that then i will continue.. regards charles
  17. Is it possible to make the Curves(in tone panel DP)the same as in PP (adjustment layer tone curve)?they are different best regards. charles
  18. Please give us the possibilty to see clipped highlights and clipped shadows and clipped tones Photo Persona as in Develop Persona. best regards. charles
  19. Hi,If i am not mistaken it does work as you describe,i wanted aswell and i just tried it again and it works for me here in 1.7.2. regards. charles
  20. Because i think they doing the same thing i look indeed at those two as the same for me and one is different as the other while they give me the same info.
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