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  1. Yes, the Icon size in the layer-panel is in PS and also in GIMP much better than in Affinity-Photo. I would like an update from Seref.
  2. Is there a way in AP (Windows) to save different Settings in the optionbar. One example of several settings: I prefer to work with the gradiant tool - Type Linear white to black. Unfortunately, affinity can not remember such Settings. Thank you for a answere. Armin 60/5000
  3. Please Serefteam, create in AP the Option to Change the layer thumbnailsize larger. Regards Armin
  4. I cannot find the magnetic lasso und the Polygonlasso in AP for Windows
  5. Hi Lee D, Yes, i will install a third party programm especially to see what is behind die PS-Logo. But it is great if Serif comes with a one application as Bridge. Thank you!
  6. I love Topaz Lab and i wait for this plugins for AF-Photo Windows. Armin
  7. I work with a 22-inch display, but i wish a option to make the iconsize in the layer panel greater. Thank Armin
  8. When i look in the Windowsbrowser i cannot see the litle picture from a PSD-File. Instead i can only see the PSD-logo and that offers only little information for me. A mediabrowser such as bridge would be a big thing. SG Armin
  9. Hello, windows user have in the windows browser a problem with psd-files. There is only the logo to recognize and not the small picture. Work Seref on such a softwaremodule? Thank you for a answere! Armin
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