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  1. I have change from PS to AP. Great software, free updates, great support and so on. Nevertheless, I am forced to use Capture One as my raw converter. The recovery of highlights and shadows of my raw pictures are not comparable in AP, even in the current version. Are improvements to be expected here in the near future? best regards, Armin
  2. Please see my two screenshots. Brushsize for both 128px. Screenshot_1 Distance is only 1%. Screenshot_2 Distance is 25%. I think I can manage it well. I was irritated because in PS the distance value has no influence on the opacity of the brush. Best regards, Armin
  3. Thank you Walt! I think brushdistance only one pixel and 100% hardness is no a good option. Please look of both sceenshots. if you disagree please let me know. kind regards Armin
  4. When I paint with the brush tool and a flow of 5 percent, I have almost full opacity (246 !) with a single stroke. When painting again 255. AP current Windows version.
  5. Thank you! The problem is solved. I have forgotten to save the settings.
  6. Every time I remove the tablet from the USB port, all the settings I have stored for the AP application are lost. Is it not possible that the tablet retains the settings for multiple applications.
  7. Yes, the Icon size in the layer-panel is in PS and also in GIMP much better than in Affinity-Photo. I would like an update from Seref.
  8. Is there a way in AP (Windows) to save different Settings in the optionbar. One example of several settings: I prefer to work with the gradiant tool - Type Linear white to black. Unfortunately, affinity can not remember such Settings. Thank you for a answere. Armin 60/5000
  9. Please Serefteam, create in AP the Option to Change the layer thumbnailsize larger. Regards Armin
  10. I cannot find the magnetic lasso und the Polygonlasso in AP for Windows
  11. Hi Lee D, Yes, i will install a third party programm especially to see what is behind die PS-Logo. But it is great if Serif comes with a one application as Bridge. Thank you!
  12. I love Topaz Lab and i wait for this plugins for AF-Photo Windows. Armin
  13. I work with a 22-inch display, but i wish a option to make the iconsize in the layer panel greater. Thank Armin
  14. When i look in the Windowsbrowser i cannot see the litle picture from a PSD-File. Instead i can only see the PSD-logo and that offers only little information for me. A mediabrowser such as bridge would be a big thing. SG Armin
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