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  1. I cannot agree more with you about Affinity products. I mainly use Designer which I find very powerful. Even on this eleven year old laptop with Windows 7, 512 GB SSD, all 3 applications are fast enough. There are features lacking however, Affinity is slowly catching up and has many other functionality which compensate for which is lacking. I used DrawPlus (up to the latest version) before Affinity. When Designer became available, I didn't look back and just started to draw. In the beginning, I missed the many templates and standard artwork available for DrawPlus but not long thereafter, I was up and running again. The best feature on Designer recently added is the "Template" creation. This is simply invaluable and very nice to have. Also the re-organized document setup dialog, is a very good idea. All by all, I can highly recommend Affinity Designer to everyone doing serious illustration work. Chris
  2. I didn't know about this usefull feature. So learned something new also. Thank you all for sharing. Great question!
  3. That is indeed a very acceptable explanation which is supported by the fact that Serif always reply. I hope everybody is fine and safe. I also wish everybody a good health and hope nobody will get infected. Chris
  4. Hi Ziemo, I do not know what is wrong because I do not experience your problem. Your frustration is very understandable, however it does not solve anything. When you click on the user "Callum" you can send him a private message. If I where you, I should try that way. I do not know why it takes so long from Serif to reply because mainly they do reply. Maybe there are still looking into your problem? Anyway, they should give better support than this. When you start a new document from scratch, what happens then? Do you receive the same behaviour. If everything is ok, then you can maybe import the objects from your affected drawing and save to disk. With every safe, add a unique number to your file. You keep adding your objects and do a Save as... When you experience the buggy behaviour, at least you know what is causing it. Then you can provide more information to the Serif support team here. I hope you will find a solution to your problem soon. No need to stress, we are here to help you. I am sure other more experienced users know an answer or workaround once they know more details about your problem. Chris
  5. Only a taught, but can't you create online courses like for Skillshare and Udemy? The investement will be much less as is the financial risk. You provide the online course with additional educative materials like ebook and personal advice over the Internet. You can have much more students then what you can have locally. Only a suggestion. Chris
  6. Hi all, In my case the "Save as..." option and then choosing ".aftemplate" did not work at all. "Export as Template..." did work nicely. Hope this helps. Chris
  7. I also have one template folder and it is working now. If you get stuck, follow the procedure I described in my post. It worked for me, it can also work for other people. Chris
  8. Thank you for your reply. It is exactly the same strange behaviour as here. I experienced this in Designer. Have a great day! Chris
  9. Hi GarryP, A video will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance! Chris
  10. Hi, I created a Designer file which should be my template for a particular project. Like the help file explained, I created a folder called "Template" on my hard disk. Then I added the layout, colors and text styles to my normal document. then when that was done I choosed "Export as template". The file got a nice ".aftemplate" extension. I am using Affinity Designer 1.8 on a Windows 7 computer. Then I wanted to use the newly created template by using "New" inside the "File" menu. Selected "Templates" and to my surprise I saw the folder "Templates" I created but with no "Templates" inside. Also double clicking on this folder had no results. But continue reading on. I checked on my hard disk and I could see the file with the extension ".aftemplate" inside my "Templates" folder. I closed the original document so the Designer window was completely empty. Then I choosed "New" again, selected "Template" on the left, clicked on my folder "Templates" and again nothing. Still continue please. Then I selected "Presets" again and selected "Template" again without doing anything inside the "Presets". Bingo... there was my template. To make sure it was not a first time success, I closed and opened Affinity Designer again and everything worked as expected. Can somebody tell me if this is a bug or just bad luck from my side? Thank you very much for your reply. This template feature alone makes the 1.8 update great! Thank you Serif for your nice work. Chris
  11. Hi Cayenne, You can find contact information on the following page : Contact Serif Hope this helps. Chris
  12. Hi all, Today I created a table with 9 columns and 12 rows. Changing column widths of individual colums is very cumbersome and difficult. Change the width of one column and those on the right are also changed. Change the width of the table (by the inner or outer handles) change all the column widths again. Finally, I lost 3 columns without deleting them. Designer and Photo are very good applications, however, Affinity Publisher is a mess. Also the implementation how we have to work is very far fetched in my opinion. Things should be easier. Anybody else experience this problem? Have a nice day. Chris
  13. I go with MikeW using ideas/designs and then recreating them in Affinity changed to my own ideas and likings. Instead of using them as a template, I save blank designs which I later can use or adapt further to my own needs.
  14. Happy New Year to you all from Botswana Chris
  15. Merry Christmas everybody and thank you all for all the support and help received. I hope to enjoy this friendly community for years to come. Chris
  16. It is better to use an SSD for your operating system and applications. Using an extern SSD will only give you a little bit better performance. The highest performance gain is with your operating system and applications.
  17. No need to find another Mac program, Affinity Designer is the answer despite your difficulty with it. Isabel Aracama has a very good Skillshare class about the pen tool. You can find a skinned version on YouTube too. The Skillshare class goes in great detail. If you finish that class, I am sure you are a pen tool expert and can draw all shapes. Also, check her other courses too. She is a very skilled and inspiring teacher Don't give up too easily, I was once where you are now. Despite my very limited drawing talents, I succeeded. If I can make it, you surely can. Chris
  18. If you can program or you find a programmer, you can write an application which converts for you. Not an easy task but surely not impossible. I am willing to help you with the programming but I cannot do it for free. I will see if I can write a short demo this weekend if you are interested. Chris
  19. Welcome, Yoo to this community, Google translate result for the original post : "I want to know the Hangul support plan. You can expect marketability of Serif affinity in Korea." I think only Serif can answer your question. But like Wosven pointed out, others also asked for specific languages to support. While I can understand support for a local language, I think English is better because otherwise knowledge and information can be very fragmented. My native language is Dutch but when I have to look something up, I look on English forums because the Dutch forums are most of the times too limited. But for non-English speaking people, local language support can be very beneficial. Hope you find a solution and enjoy the Affinity applications the way I do. Chris
  20. An "Unhandled Exception" means that inside the programming, there was an error which was not caught by the code. This is nothing a user can solve, only the Affinity programmers can do the magic for you. I am sure the Affinity team will do their best to solve this problem. However, it can take a while. Also, take into account that the cause can be on your computer. If more people experience the same error, it is probably in Designer itself but when you are the only one, chances are that the cause is on your computer. At my laptop, Affinity runs fine without any problems. Yesterday Designer crashed but I cannot remember when it crashed before that. I hope your problem gets fixed soon. Chris
  21. True Alfred, there are tutorials on her Youtube channel too. However, one of the pen tool tutorials is more extensive on Skillshare. Both her courses on Skillshare as her Youtube channel are very interesting places to expand your drawing and Affinity talents. Isabel Aracama is a very talented and motivated teacher. Her teaching style is funny, clear and to the point. Maybe the Affinity team should hire her because her tutorials are better than the Affinity created ones. Despite the fact, I visit her Youtube channel regularly, I forgot to mention it. Please, accept my apology for my mistake which you corrected now.
  22. Also, Isabel Aracama on Skillshare has a very interesting course on the Pen tool in Affinity Designer. It is a very interesting, clear and fun course to follow.
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