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  1. Hi Lagarto, Thank you so much for all your replies and help. I will definitely purchase Affinity Publisher for the next one. I will see to find a sample image and upload. You all at Affinity, have a great day
  2. Hi Callum and Lagarto, Thank you for the reply. The publication is for a school year book. The cover and centrefold will be printed in CMYK on coated paper. All the other pages will be printed in black only on coated paper. I have not purchased Affinity Publisher yet, so i'm setting up all pages in Affinity Designer. Legarto, if you say it is "just ok to use the Grey/8 Greyscale D50 profile..." are you saying importing the Greyscale D50 images into Affinity Designer (also Greyscale D50 profile) is not the best "practice"? If you possibly have any advice for greyscale image conversion workflow for images with groups of students. I'm struggling to lighten and get good contrast for these group images (the ones where students have all white shirts). The images seem very flat after the conversion. I use a Black and White Adjustment layer before flattening and converting to Greyscale D50. Thank you.
  3. Hi all, I have a question regarding greyscale document setup in Affinity Designer and image greyscale format in Affinity Photo. My normal workflow is to create a Grey/8 Greyscale D50 document in Affinity Designer. I first edit my images in Affinity Photo and convert the images to Grey/8 Greyscale D50. I then import the images into Affinity Designer. My question is, what is the best workflow for accurate greyscale images? The other options are Generic Gray Gamma 2.2 Profile or Generic Gray Profile - what is the difference between the three options? Also what settings is recommended for pdf export for printing on press. *The setup is for a Year Book where most pages will be printed on a press with black ink only. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for the reply, I tested this now with a new document. I added a new Pantone colour. It still does not show the name/value of the Pantone colour when I hover over the swatch.
  5. Good day, Is there a way to see what the Pantone colour value of an object is? I'm working in a "Print (Press-Ready)" document. I applied a Pantone colour, and also added the colour to the swatches panel. If I hover over that swatch later, how do I confirm what Pantone colour that swatch represents? Thank you.
  6. Hi StevenS, Thank you for the reply. I know someone who might be able to buy the books for me in the UK. Is there book shops one can purchase the workbooks from?
  7. Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to get the Affinity Workbooks delivered in South Africa? Thank you.
  8. Hi Toltech, Thank you for the reply. Just need to make sure the Black & White is the best method, specifically for people. I used to do this in PS: 1. Levels - as desired 2. Ctrl + J (for layer) 3. Shift + Ctrl + U (for desaturate) 4. Shift + Ctrl + F (for fade desaturate) (blending mode to color) 7. Flatten 8. Greyscale Is it best to do colour correction before starting with the Black & White method? Thank you.
  9. Hi All, Anyone knows what is a good method to convert color images to greyscale non-destructively? Except the Black & White feature. I'm working on a school yearbook, most of the images is groups of children, class group images and sport group images. Thank you.
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