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  1. A palette editor would be nice (unless there is one and I just haven't found it - it is late - I am tired)
  2. I used trace quite a bit in DrawPlus and when it went EOL I bought ADe upon release (without looking into it too much as I had been using Serif products for years and it was discounted!). Anyway I personally felt at that time ADe was a retrograde step from DrawPlus and ended up getting CorelDraw. I have just tried the latest version of ADe to see if things have improved (hence sifting through the forum again) but sadly it seems that I may have quite a wait before I need to try again.
  3. I saw that you managed to export with Bitdefender installed but it stopped soon after. Do you have "Safe Files" now turned on in Bitdefender? That can prevent programs from writing to many locations you would normally write files to. You should however get a notification when it blocks a write. Apologies if you have already discounted this and it is a font issue.
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