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  1. Often after just using the artistic text tool I need to move the text. One's instinct is to press the "v" for the move tool, but of course that will type "v" and not summon the move tool. One has to select, with the cursor, the move tool from the list of tool icons. I would like a second keyboard shortcut for the move tool that could be used when text is selected on the screen which wouldn't cause typing.
  2. In many tutorials, I notice that an object placed on the document's border is fully formed within the document and the part outside the document is in a wire-frame format. Using the latest version of Affinity Designer, when I draw an object resting on the border of a document the part outside the document is not in a wireframe format. The entire object is fully formed (filled in, etc.). Is there a setting to make only the part of an object within a document show fully and the part outside shown as a simple outline or wireframe? Any information with be appreciated. Simm
  3. RC-R: Thank you for the clarification. I didn't notice the change in the language preference when I upgraded. You and wim have saved me much grief. Simm
  4. I don't understand this advice. But thanks for trying. Simm
  5. When trying to crop using a custom ratio of 3.75 in X 5.75 in, Affinity Photo rounds the numbers to 3 X 5. How can I enter a custom ratio of 3.75 in X 5.75 inches without this rounding? Any information will be appreciated. Simm
  6. Thank you, gentlemen. The ring tool works well. (oops…the "donut" tool) Simm
  7. I have been attempting to create arcs of various given lengths and radii without success. I have drawn a circle with a desired radius and then attempted to slice off all but the arc desired on the circle without success. Is there a way to draw an arc of a given radius without winding up with a closed region. (I don't want an arc with the chord joining the endpoints of the arc to be visible.) Any suggestions will be appreciated. This work is with Affinity Designer. Simm
  8. The video tutorials are excellent. I especially enjoyed the tutorials on image stacking. The stacking videos introduced me to new and powerful uses of Affinity Photo. Thank you very much.
  9. Restarting Affinity Photo has apparently solved the problem, but I have noticed this problem before. If it occurs again I will try to capture the situation for you. Thank you for your reply.
  10. When I select an area of a photo with the selection brush and then attempt to adjust levels, the selected area is not always the only area affected.
  11. I wish to adjust only a selected area of a photo. How do I restrict the adjustment to a selected area only?
  12. Following the suggestions of MEB (above), I was able to update my copy of Affinity Designer. So a big Thanks to him and this forum. Simm

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