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  1. CraftyAnne

    Media Man....

    With the demise of DaisyTrail and the prospect of CraftArtist eventually fading away I thought it time to get to grips with Affinity Designer....well at least for making a scrap page! Extremely happy with my very first project....found my way around Artboards and the Asset Panel ( a sophisticated 'Digikit Browser!) and all my favourite 'Tools' were soon located. This project was created for a challenge using a collection called 'Mixed Media' .....I had a lot of fun creating it.
  2. CraftyAnne

    Opposite effects in Persona Liquify?!

    OK.....I have experimented with various photos. The original one I used above was taken with my ipadAir2. Tried another one (without any 3rd party fliters added) from my ipad still no joy ...then I tried a photo taken with my Canon DLSR and that seems to be ok! Thanks for your help guys. Anne
  3. CraftyAnne

    Opposite effects in Persona Liquify?!

    Hi Chris No....the photo hasn't been flipped but I had added a filter via a Topaz plugin....? Surely the effects should show correctly in LP though.....so I was seeing my eyes as 'bigger' when I used the Pinch tool and then for my nose I held down 'alt' to make it smaller.....the desired effect! The result I'm showing here is after I clicked 'Apply' .....in LP view the results were correct. Anne
  4. I was attempting to give my face a makeover just for fun ...was intending to make some improvements, which looked great in LP, but when when I clicked 'Apply' the results in PP were the complete opposite! The only effect that was ok was the hair which I used the Turbulence brush on.....the Pinch and Push Forward brushes are working back to front it seems. I'm using Affinity Photo for Windows by the way - Windows 10 64-bit OS