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  1. This would be a great feature to add.
  2. I've had similar experiences with the performance on my end. When running the task manager, I've noticed that the major work is done on the CPU and barely through the ram. Since Affinity doesn't yet support a scratch disk, I'm also unable to boost the programs performance further. My main work computer has the following components: 32GB of ram 6 cores M.2 SSD 970 Graphics card I recently did a clean install of windows and although it happens a lot less, problems do still occur. I'm sure that this is something that they're working on and I'm looking forwards to seeing these improvements in a future update.
  3. While freelancing, I find that this option greatly improves my productivity and would like to have this option added within the existing tool as a simply checkbox if possible. Currently, if I were to implement a similar workflow with the existing options I would be adding 3x the amount of time to create the same selection. Photoshop Magic Wand with Sample all layers turned on click and select the area that I which to color in the line art.Affinity Photo Select the appropriate layer where the line work is present select area to be colored re-select layer with color I've recorded a short video showing how the application of this feature would greatly help improve workflow in the context of background painting for the animation field. ***In animation, it's important to keep different elements within their separate layers in order for the painting style to be repeatable for multiple artists. It is for this reason, that all of the elements can't be flattened together*** https://youtu.be/K70Es8cGihA
  4. Yarkspiri

    Personal Wishlist.

    ***Please add scratch disk support.*** When I'm doing freelance at home it makes all the difference in the world for my productivity. Although I currently have a powerful computer I do find that there's lag problems when switching between tools (specifically when using the node tool to move vertices points).
  5. It took me a while to figure out a functional way to convert my existing line work from Photoshop's Vector paths to designer but here's the work around that I found after some experimentation. I've also included how to do the reverse just in case someone needs to go back and forth. Live Stream Video Tutorial Link: https://youtu.be/b_2ajSD4uFM Line Work conversion Select 1 vector mask layer at a time + File + Export + Paths to Illustrator+ save as individual files File + Open in Illustrator + check the following ( Legacy Art board + Crop Area(s)) Organize paths into separate layers + stroke paths so you can see them Save as Single EPS document Open file in Affinity Designer Click the Group Thumbnail + Add Stroke Color + Line Thickness + select following according to your preferences (Cap + Join + Align) Bringing Files into IllustratorDisable all clipping masks - clipping masks will cause the layer to be rasterized Export to SVG format to maintain proper grouping File+"Place" the image in an Illustrator file that's the same size You'll get a brief error but if you ignore it a dialogue will appear (simply click ok)
  6. Windows Docking feature (working with two window files side by side) · Drop down menu list (one which can be re-ordered) Color swatches added to the tools panel · Pressing "D" to reset to black and white Custom shapes · Method to easily view custom shapes (right click, alt key) · Perspective path Pen Tool · Stroke path option I did a complete review and comparison of the features which I find would be the most useful in the following video. https://youtu.be/230D3R5E0Bw
  7. Yarkspiri

    [AP] Stroke Path with Brush

    It would be very useful to have this feature added.

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