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  1. Got it. New layer (for safety) and then the Paint brush tool. Obvious but I hadn't realised that the tool symbols are not static, they show the icon for the tool last used. Thanks for your help. John
  2. Hi, I'm trying to draw on a photo. I'm sure there are a dozen ways to do this but the Overlay Paint Tool in the Develop module seems to be one. How do I use it? I can draw ok with the tool but this creates an Overlay layer under the Master layer. I can't change the opacity of the master layer so the drawing is only visible when I select that Overlay. I can't see any way to move the layers or to flatten the layers so my brush strokes are invisible under a 100% opacity master layer and vanish as soon as I move to the Photo persona. Help! Thanks, John
  3. V_kyr - because I'm struggling to understand how to use them. I want to write text onto a photo (I've worked that out) and then draw an arrow to what I'm referring to. toltec - ah. Thanks. John
  4. I fully agree with this. At present I have no idea if lens correction has been applied or not and if it has whether the correct lens was selected. It's not enough to just switch it on and hope it's happening. I want to see confirmation. I have recently tried ACDSee (awful file management, must own shares in WD) which consistently selected the wrong lens despite showing the correct lens in the metadata and On1 which sometimes worked but usually didn't. In both cases the lens used was known and could be selected manually but at least the software was showing that it had screwed up. We need to see what lens was used. JH
  5. A year or two ago I would have voted yes but I've just gone for no. Leave Affinity to do what it does best, compete against Photoshop. Trying to use a screwdriver as a hammer isn't a good idea and if you set off down the DAM path you're up against Lightroom/On1 PhotoRAW/Capture One and a few others and they are different beasts altogether, though it is surprising how many people cannot see the differences. Of course if Serif decided to build a separate product to go up against LR, one where you could make a "round trip" to Affinity when / if required, one that includes a DAM, import facilities (e.g. file renaming), metadata handling, searching, slideshow, geotagging and all that, then count me in. But that's a different product altogether. It would need a better RAW engine too. My efforts editing Nikon RAW from scratch with Affinity never look as good as the same photo edited in LR. Before anyone screams, that may have something to do with my skill, or lack thereof. The current "round trip" experience would be a lot better, whatever RAW editor you use, if they used Save/Save As in the same way as 99% of other Windows programs and ditched Export. JH
  6. I agree that the way Save / Save as is implemented is a PITA. Not to mention different to almost every other piece of Windows software, be it from MS or anyone else. Export should be redundant with it's features rolled into Save As. Save should overwrite the existing file; same name/location/file type, same as almost every other piece of software. The only use I have for Export is to batch convert all of the AFPhoto files to JPEGs when I've finished editing. It's quicker than trawling round the export dialog and up and down the folder tree on every photo. Please fix it. It can't be hard? Can it? JH
  7. Thanks FD. As I say, I sorted it by turning off Controlled Folders temporarily. There's always at least three ways to do the same thing in Windows :-) Interesting thought that it may be a resource isue rather than a real conflict. I'll read the information at that link you pointed me to. I'm a long time Malwarebytes fan but that other one is new to me, I'll take a look. I might be putting two and two together and making twenty two, the two and two being; installing 1803 with Controlled Folders and then a failure when installing the AP update. If it was a general problem, install 1803 and you'll get an error when installing any software, I think people would have screamed MS's roof down. It looks like a good idea but a UAC style prompt would be an improvement. Thanks again, it is fortunate that I have a least a little Windows knowledge and can work my way around it and I know there ar helpful people such as yourself to call upon. John
  8. A few days ago I updated my second pc, an old and very slow laptop, to Windows 10 1803. I noticed the protected folder feature and left it "as delivered". Today I have tried to update that pc to Affinity and during installation everything appeared to stop (difficult to tell on this pc, it doesn't really have enough umph to pull the skin off a rice pudding). The Notifications box was showing that it had something to tell me and on checking it, it was showing "Unauthorised changes blocked. Controlled folder access blocked C:\Windows\Sy...\VSSVC.exe from making changes to memory". That's really helpful of it, truncating the folder path, but on checking I reckon it's C:\Windows\System32\VSSVC.exe. Simple solution, I turned off folder protection, ran the installation again and everything was fine. So I reckon that MS are shooting themselves in the foot. After all VSSVC is Volume Shadow Copy, maybe something to do with taking a checkpoint before installation? Any second opinions please? Thanks, John
  9. Thanks Lee. It sounds like a fairly easy workflow thing. Apply to RAW on import / first opening and leave it alone thereafter. Thanks, John
  10. How does AP (or any photo editor I suppose) avoid applying lens correction twice? Or three times or.... Is there a flag somewhere that indicates that correction has been applied so keep your mitts off or does it rely on me remembering? Just in case you're struggling with how this might happen, I may edit a photo, save it and continue later, possibly even much later, or a photo may be passed acrross from Another Photo Editor complete with correction applied. i know there's a tick box for manual control but my computer has a better memory than I do. Thanks, John
  11. Having read the comments above, and being disappointed by the apparent dropping of a DAM tool by Serif, I have been poking around. It appears to be a crowded market place with products for Windows, Apple and Linux, often priced at either USD 100 or free. Perhaps that is why Serif has halted development. They need to get their development costs back, make a profit and then support ongoing maintenance. I reckon that a decent DAM, which often include tools such as slideshows and geotagging as well as captions, tags, albums etc would work well as a front end to AP. I haven't named any names simply because there are so many and I have no experience of any of them. Google "Photo DAM for Windows/Apple/OS/VS2" (only joking with that last one) and there are more than you can shake a stick at. Be sure to search for reviews too. Some of them seem a bit wobbly. John
  12. I'm sure a great many people will agree with that. Much of the metadata is in the files themselves; star rating, caption, tags, geo-location etc etc. A Catalog / Library / DAM which allows me to assign and search on such criteria would attract a great many customers I'm sure. When (not if) I migrate I expect to lose "Album" / "Collection" information but everything else should survive, as it is in the files themselves. My copy of LR still works so I don't need to jump ship today but I will start researching options. It would be good if Affinity were one of them. John
  13. +1 It's a huge pain having to navigate all the way through the folder tree back to where I started. John
  14. I'm with Ludgateman, a physical book please. I can sit and relax and browse it and discover features I didn't know existed, I can stick post-its in pages and use it for reference while I'm doing some editing on the screen without the distraction of using half a window or bouncing from one to t'other. I can flip instantly from one page to another some many pages away and the image quality (an important feature in a photo editing book) will be top notch. John
  15. I would like to support Jim in his plea: "". Hmm, I was expecting to paste ""Just to be clear..." above but this box won't play nice. I've even tried using the icons above to paste, got past the "allow to paste in webpage" and still nothing. John
  16. Or a book (for Photo) that I can buy. I see that Amazon has a handful but they're in German. Ich sprecht nicht Deutsch. (I think that proves the point!). :) John
  17. I saw a sign a few years ago "Buy one, get one". Yorkshire of course, where else? And before the pc, taking offence by proxy brigade jump in, I'm a Yorkshireman. When it's out of beta I'm happy to pay £39.99 for AP. Or £49.99. Or £59.99. Or.... As I have posted elsewhere Photoshop, back when you could buy it, was six hundred pounds, or thereabouts. Now maybe AP isn't there quite yet but it's heading in the right direction. Who are all of these skinflints? John
  18. I don't know why you aimed that at me Monzo. That's exactly the point I was making. John
  19. Crikey. PSE is £47.96. I just checked on Amazon UK. It's normally £70 - £80 so I guess today is a Blue Wednesday or something. Full Fat PS (back when you could buy it) was about £600. I'll write that out in full; six hundred pounds. ish. And Affinity is promising to sell AP at... £39.99. These guys have to eat y'know. John
  20. Of course if I had looked a little further I would have found; https://vimeo/channels/875980/page:3 :wub: John
  21. Now that there are so many (excellent) tutorial videos it is getting a little difficult to find the one you want, at least if you're looking for one that you have already watched and remember it has just what you need in it. What was it called again? Which one is it? Working on the principle that a picture is worth a thousand words may I suggest a thumbnail against each tutorial please? For instance I've just watched the milk float video. A really nice photo by the way. Darned if I can remember what it's called but the milk float sticks in my mind. Regards, John
  22. Tooslow

    ESC Key

    Is ESC a synonym (in Windows) for CTRL Z? CTRL Z is normally used for undo and that's what I've been using in AP Windows Beta. As commented above it seems to work for some tools but not all. I don't see it as being a bug really, so "feature request" seems fair. John
  23. Tooslow

    [AP] White Balance

    In PSE 11 (I'm a little out of date) you can select Enhance, Adjust Color, Remove Color Cast and a box appears (which I have tried unsuccessfully to post here) which includes a single dropper and an invitation to drop this onto a black, white or grey point. You can drop this repeatedly and see the effect each time without committing. When you get something you like, click OK and it is committed. I appreciate that some people, on some photos, sometimes are willing to spend a lot of time to get the photo just right. On the other hand there are times when you just want something quick 'n easy. Personally I'm in the process of scanning zillions of old slides belonging to a conservation group. The original photos are no works of art and they're getting a quick 'n dirty, scan, straighten, crop, smart fix and on a few recent ones colour correction and that's it. If I can't do it quickly then it's not happening. Any chance of a similar feature? Essentially the dropper is saying "Yes I know this area is pinkish but it ought to be white (grey/black)". That area is made white and the rest of the photo adjusted accordingly. Easy to describe, possibly difficult to do? Oh, and if I'm missed this in AP and it's already lurking in plain sight, apologies. John
  24. Is it possible to set a default location to be used when I use "File, Open"? All of my photos are in sub folders hung off a single folder "Photos". It would be good to be able to set this folder (or occasionally one of its sub-folders) to be the default open location rather than being thrown into the morass of drives, libraries, network locations and other stuff that Windows routinely serves up and have to navigate every time to "Photos". I thought I had done this in Edit, Preferences, Tools but it turns out that I have set an "Additional Dictionary Folder". I have no idea what that is, even after reading the help information. My first post. Thanks for validating my email address, I wish everyone did that, it would stop a lot of junk email. On a parochial note, thanks for spelling "colour" correctly. :-) John