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  1. Thanks for the feedback, it helped. In my line of work, I install a great number of fonts a day, so I cannot really recall what font was loaded recently to make that crash issue. However, I attempted to change the default loaded font through the character palette before creating a new document to see if that would help, but of course the palette is grayed-out if no document is opened, so that option was out. I updated my OS X from 10.11.3 to 10.11.4 as I have not done that yet, after that was completed, I relaunched the Affinity apps and the default font showing up on the character pa
  2. Hello, I'm experiences crashes when attempting to create a new document with either Photo or Designer… MAS and current beta versions, I tried reinstalling, everything and crash issue remains. I am currently using OS X 10.11.3 Attached is the bug report. Thank you Affinity Bug Report.rtf
  3. Hello… As I read this thread from more than a year ago, it's not clear if it's part of a roadmap to add this ability to Affinity apps, it would be GREAT to be able to create a rasterized layer based from an applied effect from another layer in order to make it independent so that we are free to manipulate it independently. This would save me so much time when further creating perspective tricks with shadows. Thanks!
  4. Thank you reminous, that has truly helped a whole lot, your video post very appreciated, I'll actually be using your method for my final version of the logo with curved waves. decimate555
  5. Thank you Hokusai for your input, I did not consider the donut tool, it's another good option for setting this up, however after trying, even this method is not completely perfect as getting the result I'm looking for took more steps afterward, such as rounding the ends which is not a built-in parameter of the donut tool, it would be great if the developers added this option to the tool in the future.
  6. Wow… A_B_C… you are a magician. The workaround worked, I learned something, Affinity software does not fully "clip" a PDF file at the designated bounds, just remains out of view. Perhaps Affinity software should "auto-add" artboards around the predetermined perimeter upon importing embedded PDF files or a checkboxed option for future versions? Thanks!
  7. Hello, I am working on a presentation preview of existing pieces, so I imported embedded PDF files into AD. When I attempt to rotate one of the embedded document layers, the colored objects within them leak past the boundaries. Is this a known bug? I have attached the file in question, the "Biz Card" layer specifically is the one with the issue. Thanks! Rotate Bug.afphoto.zip
  8. I was looking around and could not locate a way to create permanent vector shapes based on the cropped view of a vector object. However in my specific case, I have cropped a group of stroked circles made to appear like sonic waves, I want to now make them into a single compound element, to finally round the end caps of each stroke as they should then be free from just being hidden from a crop itself. Is there an easy way to do this task without a ton of other steps? Does an equivalent function like "expand appearance" that AI has exist for AD? I thought "convert to curves" was it
  9. @evtonic3 Interesting idea… matter of fact, I'd be very curious to know how many people on these threads work in print houses themselves that use or are just aware of Affinity software………… anybody?! All we really hear from are creatives. Would love to hear print vendor success stories of jobs produced with PDFs made directly from Designer or Photo… should this topic be it's own dedicated thread as it will be ever more important once Publisher is ready for prime time?
  10. +1 If I had a nickel for every time I hit that enter key expecting a response and nothing happens, still catches me off guard. Also, the programs(s) are way too dependent on the keyboard oriented user using the escape key for the opposite effect, cancel buttons would be great too. For example, when inputting text, there's no confirm button to apply what was typed, I usually use the escape key, often pressing it twice to really get out of it.
  11. +1 Thank you for the info flavioteca! The site looks really useful, you can also load your own images to pattern and export from there too. Until Affinity gets it's own pattern maker, this will have to do for now, they even have a desktop app available for a reasonable price if you plan to use a lot.
  12. I just noticed this thread is over a year old… as of the latest beta the duplicate document feature has not been addressed yet. Can we look forward for this to be implemented in the near future? Lacking some sort of duplicate command seriously hampers our workflow. Thanks!
  13. Hello, As of this first AD beta with the artboards feature, I attempted to use the customise tools option to separate the Artboard tool from the Move tool so that it's positioned below the top tool position, as I prefer not to have that tool hidden away inside the Move tool in it's default setup. However once that is complete, when clicking on the Artboard tool from it's new position, the icon above also changes to another Artboard tool, hence making the Move tool disappear from view. Possible you are already aware, but could this be addressed? Thank you
  14. Thank you MEB, it's a very minor concern, but over time those little menu annoyances can really add up when working with the Affinity apps day and day out.
  15. Hello, I posted this on another forum topic, but it probably got overlooked, maybe this is a better forum for this… With AP, using the mesh warp tool on a vector object will rasterise it to a pixel layer, but the option when right-clicking it shows up to "Convert to Curves"… no sense including a command that doesn't actually do anything and just becomes a waste of space and may confuse the user into believing a command is there that really isn't. Could this be greyed-out or removed in the future betas? Thank you
  16. Hello, As of the latest beta (Oct 9th) I've noticed there is still a glaring usability issue when it comes to visual layer cues, particularly if a user has not visited a file in a lengthy period of time one would have to expand most grouped layers to remember what was locked or have hidden visibility. Usually when moving or doing some other edit with grouped objects or other selections, I thought this request could help… How about some sort of faint or ghosted icon that appears to indicate that sublayers exist with hidden visibility or locks that are active when the layer is collapsed
  17. Hello, thought this would be a good time to bring this up… Of course using the mesh warp tool on a vector object will raster it, but the option when right-clicking it shows up to "Convert to Curves"… no sense including a command that doesn't actually do anything and just becomes a waste of space and may confuse the user into believing a command is there that really isn't. Could this be greyed-out or removed in the future betas? Thank you
  18. Hello, I cropped my vector object (text converted to curves) using the vector crop tool… now I want to further edit the cropped version of the vector object now based on it's cropped shape. How do I "flatten" that crop mask without resorting to rasterise to continue manipulating it's shape? Thanks
  19. Hello, Yes, I am sorry to say, I am using versions of photo and designer and the character palette crash issue is still persistant. I removed all traces of the betas using mac undelete software and re-installed, yet the crashing remains. With current beta versions, I can move the adjustment effects between layers whereas before that wasn't possible, that's one way I can confirm this is happening with the latest versions, and the about dialog also reports the correct version #.
  20. Ah, just tried with all font managers disabled, still crashes on me. Again, only happens when no document is open… as with the betas, it resets my preferences each time I reinstall. I am now used to just moving palettes and such into position before anything, character palette now included (a workspaces feature would be great in this instance), that's how I discovered it. I hope you can replicate this, I will gladly give you more detail about my setup if it helps.
  21. Sorry forgot to mention I was already aware of the jump to font ability (can be tricky if your mouse pointer wants it to jump elsewhere when hovering another portion), was just wondering if there was also an option to type a font name in a simple search box, like the old days. Thanks
  22. I am on Yosemite 10.10.5, using the Suitcase Fusion 6 font manager, maybe it disagrees with the auto-font loading?
  23. Hello, Seems that with both Designer and Photo on the current betas, when no document is open, when attempting to drag out the character palette to isolate it from the tabbed group, the entire program crashes. Thanks!
  24. Hello, I'm really liking the changes made with the now palette versions of the type features, however besides scrolling to find a font, I often know exactly what font I want to use on a project, is there a way to just manually type in the first few characters and have Affinity auto-complete my font choice? I tried double-clicking the font selection field to hopefully activate it to character input mode, but seems the only option is to go through the dropdown menu, and find it not ideal in all instances. Thanks
  25. Hello… Using current betas of Photo/Designer, happened to notice that when saving a file after a modification (cmd+s), the "save" on the file menu does not grey out indication that the operation is already done and no further save is possible until another change has been made, which should make it black again. As greying the "save" menu is a normal convention for software, seems this detail needs to be looked after. Yes, I am already aware when making a change to a document, the title bar would display [Modified] telling the user something has been updated also. Thanks!
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