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  1. Hi guys

    I`m often blown away by the works of art done by folk on the forum and would dearly love to get into that but never having drawn stuff before it would be great for some pointers from you experts how to get started in this please?. Did you guys start off your drawing careers the conventional (?) way using paper,paints, pencils etc and then move onto digital?. I have a registered copy of Artrage 4 (before I`d heard of AD :)) which I got for the kids which I`ve had a play with. Any tuts,books you could recommend would be great ! Thanks



  2. Hi folks

    I was trying out my new Sigma 105 macro on a few flowers in my garden using focus stacking and looked around for some means of processing them and I did some what reluctantly fire up AP to see if it had the means to do it. I say reluctantly because of the terribly slow raw load speeds I get but have to say AP did an excellent stacking job and my faith is restored in AP. But c'mon Affinity peeps let's have that promised raw loading speed update soon please!!

  3. Hi folks

    Have to say I'm glad that some appear to be enjoying using Affinity Photo and I'm pleased that others are also enjoying using the latest AP for Ipad but sadly I'm still waiting for the promised raw loading speed update before I can properly use AP for windows. I eagerly await and load each beta update as they come out expecting an increase but still get a minimum 12 secs to load a NEF raw on my i7 desktop which for an impatient person like me is just impractical. Since I purchased AP back in December after eagerly waiting for its release I can honestly say I have not processed a single image with it and while I applaud the AP guys for producing a new version for the IPad I couldn't help thinking that they might have got the Windows version working properly first!. Maybe that update is just around the corner but I'm now waiting to see how Luminar for Windows pans out. I'm just a hobbyist so its not the end of the world but I would like to get out of AP what others seem to get, apologies for the rant.


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