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  1. Yes. I already did that a long time ago. Just mentioned it here, not meant as a bug report. Have a nice day.
  2. Well, yes, obviously release notes only mention fixed things, that's exactly why I repeated the ones I do want to get fixed but that apparently got no attention.
  3. OK, good. But: you still have not fixed: (a) on a machine with two screens the document window appears on the second screen first (separated mode) (b) if the document and font units are set to millimetres, the font sizes are not whole numbers in the pop-up menu (see screen capture) (c) the selected choice in preferences is white text on highlight colour, which in my case is white on yellow; the text colour should be the "opposite" colour of the highlight instead of white, or else it should be settable. (d) it is still necessary to tap the tab key twice to go to the ne
  4. I do not have the answer, but I'm having the exact same problem. All default settings should be manageable, in a way similar to that for keyboard shortcuts.
  5. Hi, How can I set the default font for text objects? Whenever I make a new piece of text, the font defaults to Arial. I want to set the default font to a different one. I could not find a preference setting, but I may have verlooked something.https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/5-affinity-on-desktop-questions-mac-and-windows/&do=add#
  6. (yes I have the latest version: 1.7.0) Create an object, say a rectangle. Set its fill to none and its stroke to pure black (rgb 0,0,0). Then try to add style from selection in the styles panel: nothing happens. Now change the stroke colour ever so slightly: e.g. rgb 0,1,0. This is so close to black as to be imperceptible, but it is NOT black. Now adding style from selection does work.
  7. JDW has a point. I've reported a number of "bugs": "a rose, by any other name, smells as sweet", so call them what you will (some bugs/features/workarounds/… usually stink.) But they do not get corrected in a new version or an update. I do not need new features: they came in avalanches in Illustrator but never the desired ones. I'm much happier with Designer than with Illustrator, and happy with Photo, except for that missing white point tool. For Designer I have reported, without reasonable response, that on a machine with two screens, a new document appears first on the
  8. And same here: this is a tool I use(d) a lot in Photoshop. It's not perfect and it's not "professional", but it is so effective and efficient: you scan a document or make a photo, the want to print it and the quickest way to get rid of the greyish parts is to use the white picker. Saves a lot of ink.
  9. Ah! It does work satisfactorily if export for export or export for web.
  10. Sorry, still cannot get it right. Must be doing something wrong. I now have Designer version 1.7.0. I create a new document (attached), with the settings as: Then I drag a rectangle from what I think is 0,0 to 100,100. The transform box too shows 100,100. When I export it as svg I get: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?><!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG 1.1//EN" "http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/1.1/DTD/svg11.dtd"><svg width="100%" height="100%" viewBox="0 0 240 120" version="1.1" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" xmlns:xlink="h
  11. Just downloaded Designer 1.7. In 1.6 when I clicked a layer in the layers palette, it highlighted in the colour set in the system preferences, but in the Designer preferences a selection highlighted in blue. Now it is the inverse, but in addition the text of the selection becomes white. My highlight colour being yellow, this makes the text unreadable. See attached screenshot.
  12. Hi Sean, OK. Setting to 6 decimals lets me see things better (somewhat anyway). I think I'll be able to "work around" the problems by a combination of settings and discipline. I did this (always with 6 decimals): (1) verified that the grid specifications are typed in as whole numbers. (2) created a rectangle by dragging while snapping is on. This gives the correct values in both saving "for export" and "web" svgs. (3) created a random rectangle by dragging with snapping off, then typing whole number values in the transform palette for the width and height, then
  13. Thanks Sean. The preferences were set to 1px. But also, my transform palette looks like this: I never see any decimals there! And, sorry, I do not quite agree: SVG does not know/should not care about dpi, which is rendering. I don't even know what "for export" might mean. It still does not explain why the values would be ever so slightly off. I type whole numbers, they should remain whole numbers. The only problem there can be is that certain of those numbers cannot be expressed in binary floating point as whole numbers after some multiplication/division tha
  14. Ok Sean, There were snippets in my previous post. However, to be very simple about this I've narrowed it down further. Attached an afdesign file with just the two rectangles, and three svg files called Export, Web, Print. Open them with some plain text editor (e.g. BBEdit) and you will see that they are different and contain a lot of numbers with decimals. Lastly, I wrote my own svg version, which is in Plain.svg. That has the whole numbers that I expect. And it is very simple. Using the Transform palette in Designer I also see whole numbers only. Good luck…
  15. Sure. Here is the whole thing. Try artboard "Main Support". Thanks a lot for the investigation and certainly for any solution. It's really irritating, because I think I'm making very simple designs with all whole numbers, and instead I get SVG with all these tons of decimals. Lego is a fairly whole-number thing… The designs are to illustrate some mathematical aspects (Pythagorean triangles) of the set 10261 But it may of course be me… CoasterTriangles.afdesign
  16. I use Designer exclusively for technical drawings, some of which I want to publish on the web as SVG. Here is a screenshot of a Designer drawing (it is an outline of some Lego construction): The document unit is pixels, the grid is set to whole pixel numbers and all elements are snapped to the grid and have whole pixel numbers for dimensions; they are all stroked with 1 pixel black. I expect the SVG elements to be specified in whole numbers and positioned at whole numbers in the viewbox. However… When exporting "for export" I get this in Safari: When exporti
  17. OK, found one: solmeta Does have the viewing direction included, and not just the azimuth but also the altitude angle (by how much the camera is tilted up or down). Ordered one and will let you know how its data appear in Affinity Photo.
  18. oops, this is "old" and has no replies I can spot. However, I have the same problem: my Nikon D750 has no built-in GPS. My iPhone 6s tags its photos with the location, altitude and the direction in which the photo was taken (compass bearing). The latter can be very important! The D750 GPS attachments do not give the bearing. Is there any attachment that does? Solutions that do the tagging by synchronising from a smartphone app also (as far as I know) do not give the bearing. That's not surprising since the bearing only has a meaning if the smartphone is held in the
  19. Hi, I may have reported this earlier, but I want to export as .jpeg, not .jpg. However, when I type .jpeg I get this: Why is it "forbidden" ? The "e" in jpeg stands for "expert", and the earlier Windows extensions being limited to three characters, the experts were left out… I want them back. (the answer "rename the file in the Finder" is not acceptable).
  20. 2018-03-28 21:22 Just downloaded the 1.6.7 version, and it's still the same: if the palettes are on the screen that does not carry the menu bar, then the new document appears on the screen with the palettes, which is NOT where I expect it and certainly not where I want it
  21. I have the same problem since a while. Create a new designer document, then can't save it. I have not seen this problem earlier, i.e. beginning of the year. But I don't think the number of fonts(*) is the problem: often I can save to a different folder. Sometimes I can save to the desktop but not to the folder I originally wanted. Sometimes I can save to the folder where the document sits, but doing a Save-As to a different folder does not work. It's very erratic. Robert. (*) FontBook says there are 401 fonts, but they are the ones that came with the sy
  22. Ah, well… owenr, Now you've just provoked me into my usual rant about "computer science". The best way to know the details is to look in the code. There should be no such thing as experiments: the algorithm was written by someone and that someone has the answer. However, as with all commercial software, that is usually not openly available. The best thing would be for someone from Affinity/Serif to tell us what it is and what the purpose is. Agreed that I myself did an experiment, and also agreed that yours show circumstances under which the result is what I was "afraid" of.
  23. Hmmm... There clearly is a resampling algorithm at work, just as in the case of carl123's dragging the corner handle, but we don't know what it is or how to control it. It would be good to have that settable in the preferences. The preferences have a lot that I'd like to add, e.g. a way to say how large I want the default size of a new window.
  24. carl123: (and owenr) What goes on is that the x*2 and y*2 push the image into a quarter of the space, upper-left of the canvas, but does not change the canvas, i.e. that keeps its number of pixels. The canvas clip then removes the empty pixels. I don't yet understand why x*2 halves: I would have thought that a pixel at x,y would now go to x*2,y*2, but it is probably this way around: f(x)=x*2 means that at position x will now be displayed the pixel that was on x*2 in the original picture. Anyway, there is also resampling: obviously I immediately tried x*2 on this i
  25. That seems to work. There must be something going on, even if not a resamplig, because the size of the file in bytes is certainly reduced, and the number of pixels too. However, I would never have thought of looking in "distort"! I'll try and report results.
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