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  1. Thank you for your generosity, it is much appreciated
  2. Thank you to Wigglepixel and amyas, I don't know why I couldn't find it, I could adjust left and right margins but not top and bottom. There were other settings but not left and right, I had searched every menu item I thought might give an answer to no avail. Seems so easy now, I could have done it at page setup as well.
  3. I would like to compare two images side by side, one a jpeg and the other a tiff. Is this possible in AP?
  4. I find, this morning, that neither Photo or Designer videos will play in Chromium BUT they will play in Chrome. So maybe Google has the answer!.
  5. Thank you both for your replies. I was aware of this simple adjustment but wondered if there was something else I was not seeing.
  6. How can I change the colours of the user interface. I find a grey text on a grey background to be a bad choice making it difficult to read especially the ruler dimensions
  7. Hi Alex Thanks very much for your help. I tried your first suggestion, took me a little while to work out exactly what you meant, but it works. Using the Window key and z key performs undo and shift+windows+z performs redo. Brilliant, I don't know if it has any effect on my other programs yet, remains to be see. That will be another obstacle to overcome. Hope this can help others, it is probably just Logitech's software, not much point in using it but it's needed to make the keyboard active. Thanks again Terry
  8. Hi Alex The K360 is a similar keyboard to the K120 except it is a bit more compact and a unifying wireless keyboard. It doesn't have a command key but my initial thoughts were to use the window key, this usually works, not this time. I then tried the alt key and various combinations but am not able to find anything that works. Do you use the Logitech Control centre to program your keyboard? My Performance MX mouse appears in the LCC and I can reprogram all the functions but my keyboard doesn't. I have been told, by Logitech, that the reason it doesn't appear is because it isn't Mac compatible. It does appear in the unifying software otherwise it wouldn't connect, Logitech say it is using the Mac software. You mentioned remapping the modifier keys, do you mean through the computer System Preferences or Photo Preferences? Callum mentioned changing the shortcuts but I can't find any key referencing the Source tool for Cloning. I asked him if he could offer any further help but I haven't received a reply! It may be that buying a new keyboard is the only solution but I love this little keyboard, I have 2, I have been using one with my Macbook for several years and this is the first time I have had a problem, maybe there is a programming problem with Photo that can be sorted. Thanks for your comments, if there are any further suggestions you can make I will be very pleased to receive them. Terry
  9. Hi Callum I had already tried the Alt key but it doesn't have any effect, I also tried the Ctrl key and various combinations. I installed the Beta as suggested but I can't find anywhere you can change the key selection for the source point. The Brush size can be changed but the bracket keys work OK anyway. Can you please offer any further help please? Terry
  10. Hi everyone I have just installed Affinity Photo but am having problems using the Clone Brush Tool. I use a Logitech PC keyboard with my late 2012 Mac Mini but I can't find a key combination to select the source area, this also applies in Photoshop CC. Can anyone please help solve this problem. I have not encountered any problems with other programmes. I only recently installed Photoshop on the Mac as I previously used it on a Windows 7 machine. Thanks Terry
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