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  1. Looking for a tutorial on printing. Pretty sure there used to be one. Having trouble understanding the printer profiles and differences in rendering intent. A discussion on soft proofing would also be good. The one I found was not very detailed on its use. Tips and tricks would also be helpful. Thx, Art
  2. Lee: Here is the original Olympus RAW. Thanks for checking it out. Art P3060786.ORF
  3. I've been learning AP for several months and it mostly works pretty well. Most issues seem to be operator error. I shot some RAW sunset pics in the 'sunset mode' (enhanced) and they lose all vibrant color from viewing in my Olympus software when I open them in AP to develop. After development they look the same as before development. I changed the assistant to 32bit, noise correction, tone curve, and exposure bias are set to take no action. Do I have something set wrong? The histograms are not even similar. Thanks Art
  4. I have had similar slowing problems, even with a new i7 w/ 8gb ram and ssd drive. Running stuff in the background is bad, but AP seems to accumulate huge temporary files or if you have been filling up the trash can with deleted pics it really bogs down. I run CCleaner every time before starting AP. It makes a big difference and only takes a minute. Doing HDR stacks I clean it every 2 or 3 that I process. Art
  5. Vimeo suggested trying IE or Chrome instead of Firefox. IE works fine, so it is something to do with Firefox. Curious that the same videos work fine on YouTube but not Vimeo. Anyway problem solved. Art
  6. I am trying to watch Affinity Photo tutorials on Vimeo. Some will play, most will not. Example: Affinity Photo - Sharpening, plays fine. Affinity Photo - Selective Sharpening will not play at all. No error message. Firefox browser and Flash are at latest versions. Win 7 OS. Ad blocker has Vimeo white listed. I do not have any problems with the Affinity Photo tutorials on You Tube. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Art