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  1. When exporting, you can only tick the box for bleed to be included. On an ongoing project, I need to export different formats with different bleed options, i.e. 1mm vs. 3mm bleed. I was used to set a global bleed of 3mm in Illustrator and change the value to my liking when exporting to PDF. With Designer I need to fumble with the document’s bleed in order to change to and fro with 1mm and 3mm. Allowing for setting a bleed size in export settings would save me time again, and make Designer a little niftier than it already is :) .
  2. Hi there, since I worked on a specific document with that behaviour I can report in from a practical angle :). When using certain fonts, in my case Roboto (by Google), these fonts don't get embedded into the document and seemingly are converted to lines instead. As soon as I change to a different font it gets included, thus text can be selected and copied etc. Can you confirm that? Is that a bug? All the best eno
  3. +1 Being quite impressed by Affinity Designer Beta for Windows, I didn't want to believe this feature has been requested and not implemented since 2014. If you want to be a serious contender, this is a must-have feature I constantly use it in InDesign, Illustrator AND Photoshop as well.
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