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  1. @MEB Any News or plans on implementing .raw ? i desperatly need this to be able to kill Photoshop from my pipeline thx! Displacement and normalmaps are very important to us 3d people
  2. Oh yes please! My clients want zepplin.io to use.
  3. Its just a small feedback. you did very well you :ph34r: ! sure u can't hear it anymore, the comparing with adobe, but i have some. -_- <_< cons: :wub: first so awesome that its no subscription, i think adobe is really stealing from their clients with the crap updates they do all the time in CC. worked with affinity now instead of sketch and illustrator for responsive layout! had lots of fun and productive work time it just works out of the box as i expect! i work since Illustrator 4.0 with vector stuff and i have some commands as very deep routine. thanks for inheriting the user experience and also a lot of intuitive commands are just the same, super! work fine with wacom. crits: ^_^ well i feel a performance lag with very large docs that have lots of artboards on, maybe i missed something i must do to make it run smoother. Ram is like 25% used and CPU is also not fully used by affinity and it lags like freezing 30-40 sec on my ultra fast VR capable pc. this can get lots of improvement i guess. The not yet implemented font replacement gave me horrors when i had to switch fonts on 30 artboards. Background Canvas makes me blind when i work late night (happens alot iam an owl), i would love to change the background color of the document to neutral gray, some nearly black and so on. also i like a hard contrast when layout things for screen. i work a lot with industry 3D tools like nuke, modo and quixel suite. please could you maybe enable an .ai export version 8 (legacy) EPS is not usable in CG its only for print stuff. because .ai v8 (legacy) is the most spread format worldwide in vfx and 3d tools, it would be a big feature!!! to be honest i keep illustrator only because ob this feature. best, pachermann
  4. HI dear affinity dev team, very good job, i dont miss illustrator and sketch at all ;) but what keeps me from working late nite is the bright canvas background. would really love if i can change the white around my artboards to something darker. best, pascal