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  1. I found out that Pixelmator Pro has an export to .motn option. I challenge Affinity to have the same option in the next release! 🙂
  2. If only we could change the default location of the assets, one would place them on iCloud for all installations. Now, I am manually syncing(read exporting and importing) assets created in Designer with Publisher and vice versa. Not a nice workflow.
  3. Tried the data merge. Setup is simple and it works. Two requests: 1 . Often I use data merge to create multiple same files, but with different names and values. So, eg. I have a course invitation with login credentials. So I end up with 20 pages for 20 students but in one document. I would love to see the option to spit out 20 different PDF's at once with also dynamic names (using field values). 2. If this is not yet possible, then I would like the option to place an Anchor in the text using the field values from the data merge <name student> . I tried this, but the field does not get generated. Why is this important? When after generating I end up with one PDF. I open this PDF in adobe acrobat and use the SPLIT function there. In this split function there is an option to use the top level bookmark on each page as the name of the output PDF. Wonderful function: you end up with 20 PDF's each with the name of the student and therefore easy to distribute.
  4. When working in dark mode on my Mac, the contrast of panels, tabs and labels is not very high. I've tried to tweak with the preference sliders for gamma, but still... it is very difficult to see my tabs when multiple screens are open and also the tabs of all the mini dialogs. Your programs are really great, but this bugs me every time I use them! So I suggest better options for contrast settings! Thank you.
  5. I would love to have the assets in the cloud to be shared by all products and all installments on different machines. Right now I'mworking on two machines and it is hard to keep track on which assets folder contains my latest additions.
  6. Right now there is only commercial Shutterstock. Would be nice to have also some other services there. Especially unsplash.com! Also: dragging stock photo right in picture frame does not work: produces grey area and after a few times a Crash.
  7. I bought the designers Workbook before, so I already have a store account. I can log in, but my. account pages do nowhere show download links to the new bonuspacks. Now what to do?
  8. @MacGueurle I tried that, but still no download link for the free stuff in the welcome screen. Also no items available when logged in the Store.
  9. Same here: MAC sierra. Empty welcome screen on designer and a AD link in the photo welcome screen. This is really a BUG I guess. Hope you can help us out here. Love the way you develop by the way! Congrats.
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