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  1. Right now there is only commercial Shutterstock. Would be nice to have also some other services there. Especially unsplash.com! Also: dragging stock photo right in picture frame does not work: produces grey area and after a few times a Crash.
  2. Very good suggestion! I would love to see unsplash.com photo's there!
  3. I bought the designers Workbook before, so I already have a store account. I can log in, but my. account pages do nowhere show download links to the new bonuspacks. Now what to do?
  4. @MacGueurle I tried that, but still no download link for the free stuff in the welcome screen. Also no items available when logged in the Store.
  5. Same here: MAC sierra. Empty welcome screen on designer and a AD link in the photo welcome screen. This is really a BUG I guess. Hope you can help us out here. Love the way you develop by the way! Congrats.