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  1. Hey thanks, i'm not frustrated at all, just curious what's in the bonus package
  2. Hey guys, i havent read the full topic. If there is already a solution, sorry for posting. All the links on the welcome screen work and open the corresponding websites, but no offer
  3. clandestine

    Font selection methods.

    Thanks Aammppaa, i see now... the typing and key operations work when the font drop down menu is open, when its closed the keys revert to moving the object (even if the mouse is still over the menu), thats actually cool! cheers
  4. clandestine

    Font selection methods.

    Hey guys, i'm using 15143, so if this has been fixed in a beta, i apologize. - Typing the font name works for a couple of characters, then chugs and slows and stops working. - Browsing the fonts works only with the mouse wheel, not with the arrow keys. (please include it, if its not a big task) Thanks again! Using and loving Designer very much!
  5. clandestine

    Font selection methods.

    Thanks, checked on win 7 and it doesn't work either!
  6. clandestine

    Font selection methods.

    Thanks, right not i'm trying it on windows 10 and typing into the font name isn't working at all (it might be the computers fault). Later i'll try on windows 7 at home (latest betas in both places). Thanks and have a great day!
  7. Hey guys, what do you think about adding a method of selecting fonts similar to Photoshop or Flash. - Typing the letters from the font name narrows the search options (not only the first letter). - Browsing the fonts by UP and DOWN arrow keys. Thanks in advance!