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  1. jurand

    Mandala maker

    I'm the mandala master now :D. Thank You!
  2. Yes, thats correct. The problem is in both AD and AP but it's different for each program. The workaround is, as QA wrote, to delete some shortcuts or paste text from the clipboard. It's like the early versions of Photoshop ;). Problem jest zarówno w AD i AP ale w każdym programie inny. Obejściem jest, tak jak pisał QA skasowanie pewnych skrótów, ewentualnie wklejenie tekstu ze schowka. Przypomina to trochę wczesne wersje Photoshopa ;).
  3. Thank You QA, I deleted some shortcuts and it helped little ;). There is only one thing. The Export Settings dialog using alt+shift+s. regards jurand
  4. I'm sorry but you still do not understand. The right key "alt" + "l" should give the character U + 0142 and does nothing. And it is a software problem and not keymapping. The same is when I press alt + c I should get ć (U + 0107) and there is nothing. However, if you keep the keys pressed, it appears the whole string of ććććććććć. I could delete the mapping of shift + alt + n but that's all. You can not change the mapping shift + alt + s. This should give you a large letter Ś and gives the Export Settings. What you propose is not an option. I do not know why I have to invent the whee
  5. Hi Alfred, Thanks for the quick reply but unfortunately it did not help. Indeed, I use the right "alt" key but it works in all other programs (PSP, Corel, Illustrator, Word, Notepad ...). This is not a problem of the wrong key. If I use the left alt in AD I can not type anything. I have just checked how it is in Photo and there is also bad but with different letters.
  6. Hi all, I found a few bugs that prevent me writing in Polish. I'm working on a Windows 10-bit Home 64 GB version. The language is set to Polish (programmers). If you want to write the letter "Ł" (alt + l), nothing is inserted but uppercase letter is inserted correctly. If you want to enter a uppercase letter Ń (shift + alt + n), it pops up the message "Can not Create Document" so this is probably a shortcut. It is the same with a large letter Ś (shift + alt + s). Then pops up a window with "Export Settings". No matter what kind of text tool or font I use. However, if the text is
  7. Hi all. I started an adventure with the Designer and try to do a project of a website. So far everything is going smoothly but it annoy me terribly these violet envelopes and the frames around the vector objects and text. Can I turn them off? THX in advance jurand
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