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  1. Hallo, what I do wrong, I choose selection Brush , select the left layer and i drag over the hand, i choose refine, than a drag over specific areas to matte them furthered apply, than mask layer ,deselect, do the same for the right hand layer, but everything is disappearing , kind regard Paul
  2. Hallo, I have ordered last week , and paid with paypal the workbook photo, when is the delivered ? kind regard Paul
  3. I do not understand either, the photos were on a memory stick, at first no problem then I edited this as an AD photo, and wanted to export them to jpeg and tiff to have them printed and I have this problem kind regard Paul en thanks for the help
  4. I have uploaded the photo's with the link , and hope you received them kind regard Paul
  5. I have a problem in affinty photo, I have previously made raw photos and saved in AD photo format, (the default saving format of the program, but now they don’t open anymore, or when they do open all kind of color spots appear, Some raw pictures I can’t get open anymore, and when I get the ad photo which appears to be prefect, and I try to export this as a jpeg or tiff file it looks as if all the colors are running trough and you get just a bunch off colory lines instead off a picture. Sometimes I get the same problem when I take a raw image and develop it and when I try to export it i
  6. I have a mac, I open the program and click open en go to the photo, I have also problem whit raw foto , in the begin prefect , but als i know the foto will open is er a colour over the photo
  7. I have my photo saved als AFphoto ; but they don't open any more ? if they do open the colour are just like a blure thanks in advance for the help Paul
  8. When comes a photo workbook out ? thanks in advance paul
  9. HI, whenever I use inpainting to remove something from the picture,,this does not work well, there always appears an other object ,precise copies of a part of the picture; what I do, I click inpainting and go over the object that I want to remove, but if it is not completely gone,I do exact the same , and then comes a another object of the photo What do I do wrong ,I don't know ,I have watched the video inpainting several times now Kind regard Paul ,and thanks in advance for the help
  10. HI, I have tried the methode you say , but is not working, what I do wrong , need I do something else in photo persona is working good, but in a raw photo in develop persona I need more help Thanks in advance Paul
  11. Hallo, How to used red eye removal tool in Develop persona? Thanks in advance Paul
  12. Hi, I was working with the ex. fisherman 16, page 294 from the workbook, yesterday i have also sent the crash report ( Questions & Feedback) today i was working the ex, fisherman 19 page 298 - 299 from the workbook kind regard Paul
  13. New crash report from today ; 3 times in Two Weeks ; How can I avoid this Affinity Designer_2016-12-02-124718_MacBook-Pro-van-Paul.crash
  14. New crash affinity designer 3 times in Two Weeks ; How can I avoid this Affinity Designer_2016-12-02-124718_MacBook-Pro-van-Paul.crash
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