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  1. Why is the photos app in affinity photo different from the format of the photos app on my iPad? All my photos are stored on my iPad pro.
  2. Ordered workbook on 11-24-2017. Seems to be no info from Serif on when this will be shipped. I think they need better comunication with customers on when they will be available and shipping info.
  3. Hi, When will these books be back in USA and shipped to pending orders.
  4. Hi, I have been using Affinity Photo for a while now and following this forum. I use the photos app on Macbook Pro. This app is terible for organizing photos and wonder if any one is using the Pixave app as a DAM for their photos. Does it interface Affinity. Any thoughts or sugestions appreciated.
  5. Hello, I ordered the workbook Friday at 8:50 am, still no info on shipping ???
  6. Is there a way to remove fisheye from Gopro photos??
  7. Hi Callum, Thanks for the response and info.
  8. Anyone know how to delete media source files from the media browse?
  9. HI, I am trying to develop a work flow. Created a folder on desktop for .afphoto files. I understand you need to keep these in order to reedit any time and this also saves your snapshots. When I open file>share>photos it saves a jpg file of current edits to Photos app. I can at any time go back to the >afphoto file and reedit a photo. I think this is correct. Any advice on setting up a work flow or if any of this is incorrect please advise.