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  1. If you have Affinity Photo from the apple store, switching to Sherif website, you have to delete AP first before installing the one from Sherif?
  2. hmmmm.... problem solved. those are actually part of Dfine. weird that I've never seen those before.
  3. Hi folks, was wondering if other user have those plugin in the preference/plugin of AP. I have no clue what those are (the top 7, above color efex) and where they from but noticed as I was to removed nik pre-sharpening as I never use this one. were they implemented with the latest update 1.8 of AP?
  4. Top right you’ll see “zoom” in the Nik window, you can adjust from there, you can also increase the size of your window close or same size as AP on your screen.
  5. just out of curiosity as I did not updated yet, seen many complaining with latest release issues on Windows but... how does it run on Mac High Sierra? anyone had crashes or issues?
  6. People forget or don’t click the “+” button and create a folder for it, maybe its time for to add more than Ps and Lr as only option. you didn’t really had to uninstall, just re-install leave the software in same folder but plugin in your specific folder.
  7. Check there: there’s also many other threads related to installing Nik with AP
  8. In your app folder, create a folder and name it nik_plugin_dxo. look at your 3rd image “compatible host app” - click the “+”down left and go select that folder I asked you to create in the app folder. When you done the installation that’s where the plugins are going to be installed. now, to add them to AP. open the preference panel and to to the plugin section, that’s where you’ll add them * you'll find the info here:
  9. Would be nice if Sherif could make it possible to save the work in a sidecar instead of aphoto, wouldn’t that save file size lower, readable by other DAM and file viewer as Fastrawviewer and photo mechanic?
  10. cmd “s” on mac to save, not sure for Windows but you can check in the top menu / File / save (for shortcut)
  11. What OS are you using? No issues here on mac os. have you restart AP to see if it happen again? check AP setting colour profile.
  12. -duplicate your layer -filter / blur / average -invert the layer -blend mode to overlay can’t remember where I got that but it work.
  13. The gradient pack can be installed in AP, that’s an afpalette file, go in swatch / hamburger / import.
  14. when you create that selection its from the pixel layer below, yes and its normal. Once you have you selection with marching ants, add a curve or a brightness/contrast if you want and it will be in a mask, the deselect the selection and do what you want to adjust and add more if you want. here’s a quick tutorial how to create luminosity mask https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/photo/desktop/video/317427603/
  15. Kind of yes for answer, AP is not a DAM and you have some few options to help with culling your images. With some search on this forum you can come to fastrawviewer or camera bits or you can even use bridge from adobe to be way faster than opening them all one by one in AP, there is also other program too! They go from free to expensive, yours to choose what fit your workflow. https://www.fastrawviewer.com/about-and-features https://home.camerabits.com/
  16. It work, there’s been quit a few thread regarding this. windows or mac?
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