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  1. Thanks again Walt. I appreciate all the support in bringing me a resolution. All the Best!
  2. I see it now. I must have clicked on the publisher from website or they sent me publisher instead of Designer. Thank you for clearing this up. It only took 8 hours of my time. Seriously I could have spent another day on this for sure. 🙂
  3. This is what shows up every time I go to select designer application
  4. Then it all makes sense. How does one get to Designer application. It's the only one I purchased. Not interested in Photo at this time.
  5. I think Designer changed the format. Got rid of Pixel persona and is no longer available. Not seeing the icon to make the change. Have gone through 3 videos of the change icon and it's not on the download that has been reinstalled about 5 times. Yes - not too many people familiar with Christis. I wouldn't have bought the extra tool box if I could find the brush on software. Kind of lost with what to try next.
  6. Hi Walt, Thank you for responding. I bought from Designer. I enter the code and it lets me work. When I went to close out I wasn't able to open Designer again. Then I figured out I have to save to my desktop instead of the directions of putting into the App Store program file. No problem. So now I have Affinity Publisher on desktop and easy access. The next hurdle is getting brushes. Going through some training and everyone has brushes. I bought Christies Comic Book toolbox for brushes and it's not recognizing the software on my computer. I thought the Publisher feature through StudioLink would be able to help. It was one of the tests given to me by Christies Comic Book toolbox to troubleshoot. Can't figure out why no brushes on my software unless they did away with the brushes so I buy them. What do you think?
  7. Running on a Mac. Just bought Affinity designer. No connection to studio link. No brushes on the new software. Bought some from Affinity website. No recognition that I own Affinity designer on my desktop. Can't use brushes and can't register the software. Any ideas?
  8. 1. The Affinity Designer icon won't stay on Apple Desktop. I press to open and the response is "It's already opened." Nothing on the screen. iMac High Sierra. 2 hours of searching for ways for it to open.
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