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  1. I am assembling a 160 page book with photos and text, what is the best way to move pages around within  the document . For example P60 might need to be moved to P70 . Do I copy delete and past on a newly created page or is there a better way.

  2. Thankyou for your interest . I have now in fact deleted the old Beta and the old files can now be read in Retail A great relief. Sorry for the panic !
  3. Thanks Walt. The files are on my desktop and backed up on icloud but both are whited out where there should be the Affinity Publisher yellow logo. When I click to open the message reads Thank you for using the Affinity Publisher public Beta the test has now expired.
  4. Thanks Jeremy I've been a bit cautious with the Beta since I don't want to lose it , maybe the only hope of getting back to my 130 pages of work ! The Retail is performing OK now , only I need to recover my old Beta files.
  5. Thanks I have OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 all the Beta Publisher files in my folder are in grey. The Affinity Publisher Beta is in my Applications but when I double click it tells me Beta has expired . The same happens when I click on the files. The Retail version works fine when I create new files.
  6. Publisher Beta - can the files be used on the Retail version ? All my files are grey and the Beta seems to have gone !

  7. I've tried the first stage again but now the Retail thinks it's a Beta . I can open files once in Retail but when I click on a file in my folder it tells me Beta is no longer available and doesnt open.
  8. I have 3 months of work on Beta , so keen to import to Retail if possible , all the files are grey. I've followed your guide for " Faster" and nothing changed sadly . The Beta no longer appears so I can't try the " Safer" I'd welcome any more help
  9. Let's hope ! I've spent 3 months working on Beta now I can't load the files to the final version ! Surely there must be a way to transfer them ?
  10. I have several chapters - 15 about 8 pages each , separately compiled . I'd like to combine them into one master book I wasn't sure of the order hence being done separately . I am able to cut and paste each component no problem but is there a more efficient way in Publisher of transferring these files to my master ?
  11. I am producing a book with about 300 photographs many are converted from colour prints in Affinity Publisher Beta but the PDF export I am doing for a printing test seems softer than the same of individual pages exported to JPG. The photographs are reasonable quality at 300dpi. Has anyone had the same experience or is PDF generally - the test is only one chapter of 10 pages.
  12. Thank you both - this all works now . It wasn't clear from the Youtube tutorial I am using .
  13. Thanks Walt . I have replaced the hash with number 1 and 2 on the facing page - but all the other pages have 1 and 2 they still don't run as a sequence which is strange .
  14. I have tried to set my 11 page numbers on my document . As directed in the very good tutorial , I am in my master page, I clicked on frame text tool to create a box and then went in to text , insert , fields and page number . All seems simple except the result is a hash symbol. I changed this to 1 but the numbers do not run consecutively through the document. I am up to date with my version of Publisher.
  15. Many thanks Walt it all works well .