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  1. I'm also having crashes for the first time, and when I say 'having' it's crashing every time I open my main file. It started gradually so i made a copy but both are crashing as soon as opened. Older (much older) files work. Thought it could be a dodgy picture causing it, but have downloaded publisher on a small notebook and the file works fine on that. Copying even bits, never mind the whole thing, onto a dongle and importing it onto the main computer still causes Affinity to crash when I open. Very worrying! I deleted and redownloaded Affinity but the problem persists, so it should be some
  2. I must apologise for wasting everyone's time - found the file in a very obscure corner. Everything fine. Thanks all.
  3. Rummaged the file, 'repaired', tried opening but it's not having it. In hindsight, it probably wasn't the file - it was probably an earlier update file. I was saving constantly in the beta, always available and opened.
  4. No, nothing. Could Affinity send me something to enable access back to the beta so I can retrieve?
  5. Thanks, They were 'Affinity' files with the Affinity logo in My Documents, now they aren't, and don't seem to be anywhere else. I'll try trawling again but it'll be in vain.
  6. Hi, On Windows. Having downloaded the new Affinity the files and documents have disappeared completely. All the Beta version updates held them of course. Now when opening up Affinity, and selecting Open or Open Recent there is just nothing there. It's as if the new download either has deleted the files or can't recognise them. Thanks
  7. I do apologise. Thought I'd get updates on any answers. All fine now thanks (except for my new question!).
  8. Don't tell me that it's impossible to retrieve files and documents saved on the beta version, as the updates all did until the purchased version? If so is there any way to get access to the beta? Please help!
  9. Tearing my hair out trying to solidify my callout eclipse. Any suggestions? Just doesn't appear after I set. No background or outline = no bubble. .
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