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  1. I've just been rummaging in the menus and help to find this basic option - only to come here to find it doesn't exist... Three plus years to not add something this fundamental seems... disappointing. Affinity Photo, you're making it very hard to like you! I'm comparing this against Paintshop Pro (my tool of choice for many years) and the number of missing simple usability features is driving me away again (for example many dialogs forget their last used settings - which is madness!). I don't want to be a misery and not give it a chance, so I'm going to use it until the trial expires and write up a list of missing things I find. I imagine that anything will just go onto a big pile of "we'll think about it someday in the future" but at least it will make me feel better!
  2. Thanks - that works but is hardly intuitive or quick! I like the drag tolerance feature - it's great when it works, but this just breaks it. So to go back to my original question, what does the tolerance key off? Based on that workaround, I'm guessing RGB colour as displayed (so any transparency messes that up). This seems like a bug; or at least a big usability failing?
  3. I understand that - but surely the idea of a tolerance is to allow it to work with those differences? The tolerance setting has no effect right up to 99% - which seem rather pointless! 😕 This works just fine in PSP.
  4. I'm evidently missing something - why does the flood select on this image only select the area shown in the attached image, even if I change the tolerance right up to 99%, then jumps to the whole image at 100%. It was working how I would expect on an image yesterday; but this one just ignores any tolerance. Also; I'm evaluating this against Paintshop Pro and there the selection tolerance allows you to match against opacity, brightness, RGB colour and more. What does Affinity match against? And is it possible to select it (I'd rather work against opacity for some things) Colouring - Test.afphoto
  5. Create the image as a square at the original resolution of the source images and scale down to a 32x32 PNG with transparency. This site will do most of the work for you - just give it a large square image and pick your options: https://realfavicongenerator.net/
  6. Please make the Grow\Shrink selection dialog remember the last used value - it's tiresome when you want to repeat the same expand action over and over on different selections. (And any other dialogs I haven't used in my testing yet that do the same thing and default back to zero! ) Thanks!
  7. That's the thing! Trust Windows to hide a setting in the depths! Thank you.
  8. Download the pictures and insert them as normal. When viewing a photo in Google Photos on the web, just press Shift+D or select Download from the three bar menu at the top right. If you want to select multiple images from the thumbnail view, click the ticks in the top left of the image thumbnails, and press Shift+D or select Download from the three bar menu at the top right. That will download a ZIP of the images.
  9. Just trying out Affinity Photo (after using the Publisher beta ages ago); and the left aligned menus are driving me mad already! Is there an option to use standard Windows aligned menus, please? I can't see it in the settings. I'm pretty sure I'm just missing it somewhere and it was in the Publisher beta? Or was that some other software that decided to mess with 30 years of UI memory and mess me about!? )
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