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  1. +1 for scripting. Would make business sense for affinity too to improve its ecosystem by opening up plugins and stuff through scripting.
  2. Upvote for something like Illustrators Simplify path. Do we need to move this to feature request?
  3. Thumbs up for the plan to sell the windows version directly on your website. No app store trips for purchases please.
  4. That looks like what I need. Thanks!
  5. Hi, Thanks for the input. If I export as in the video, wouldn't I get 3 separate files? If I want to export the "right", "central" and "left" into a single "slice.png", how do I go about it ? One way that I got to know from another video on the channel suggests grouping these three items into a group (or an artboard or a layer) and then export that single layer/group/artboard. I would ideally like to be able to select items/objects from multiple layers without resorting to grouping them (because they items are already structured to various layers). Something like: group slices into a single slice/file for export? Thanks.
  6. ikas

    Auto Hyphenation

    My vote too for a hyphenation feature.
  7. Hello, I am on Affinity Designer on windows. Is there a way I can reuse a layer in other layers or artboards (not duplicating the layer)? Like Adobe's smart objects such that changes to the original is reflected in all reused copies? For example, a website logo that I want to reuse on various artboards (each artboard is a web page on the website) Thanks.
  8. Hello, Am trying out affinity designer in windows and would like to know if its possible to have/select mulitple layers to export as one single slice (from export persona)? Thanks.