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  1. I have had several instances of blocks of slices have spntaneously "moved". These are slices that have used the Create Slice button in the Layers view. I have not yet identified a trigger but and including the source file and a screen shot. I have been able to move them back but it is becoming increasingly frustrating and making Affinity unusable. This source file has moved slices FlattenedButtons-CorruptSlices.afdesign and the png indicates where a block of slices should be. I am going to start with a new file and move the content into it and try to determine when the move occurs.
  2. It would be very helpful to set the major and minor grid spacing and subdivisions. For example for page of 16x16 icons, having the major grid lines every 16 pixels and the minor grid lines every one pixel would be very nice. I am using 16x16 slices to export, but I cannot see the slices and edit the icon at the same time.
  3. Icon Fonts are a brilliant way to manage scalable art for the new flat world of web and app design and quickly becoming more popular: http://fontawesome.io https://icomoon.io http://fontello.com Request: Font Designer Persona - Affinity Designer is well positioned to provide THE ultimate on designer tool. The first step is to enable exporting of slices to SVG. This could be followed by more enhancements up to and including generation of font files (or json) and supporting CSS. With the ubiquity of icon fonts, font editing is not just for font designers any more. Creating a page with a grid of slices for each character in the font would be great and remove the tedious steps of creating slices around hundreds of icons. Have a look at http://www.glyphsapp.com and cover a few high value holes. I have only just begun my own research and experimentation on this topic. I going ahead with creating most of my app artwork as an icon font but I cannot use AD until SVG slice export is available. I hope others will agree.
  4. The lack of SVG export prevents me from using AD. Exporting slices as SVG will enable AD to be used for creating vector/icon fonts. I am currently using iDraw to export hundreds of icons to SVG files and then icomoon.io to create font files and supporting css. These can easily be used on Web pages and in Applications and simplifies asset management providing fully scalable and modifiable art. Icon Fonts are very popular and extremely useful for web/app designers. http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/ https://icomoon.io http://fontello.com The first step is per icon SVG export. Apple recommends using PDF for some icons as well. A Font Designer Persona would be a next step.
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