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  1. I cant draw a 1px stroke line with the pen tool. It shows as a 2px line that's between pixels. (yes its snapped to exact pixels)
  2. There should really be a command for converting placed SVGs to curves. It's very counterproductive to open and copy paste each element. Not to mention it will change the size to the original one.
  3. Not sure if i should make a new topic for each request so i will just put it here all: REQUESTS / IDEAS Symbols Per layer sync option in Symbols. Currently I have no idea which part is synced in a Symbol. Option to replace text whithout unsyncing attributes. Layers Option to automatically show clicked/edited layers in layers panel. Like "Find in layers Panel" only automatic. Or at least Shortcut for "Find in layers Panel" Selection No way to Marquee select objects inside lcompound objects/clip layers. Isolate objects is indeed VERY MUCH NEEDED. Keyboard and Mouse shortcuts Search option inside shortcuts page (it will be a must have over time) Input boxesKeyboard increments in input boxes (like transform). (shift+10px) Using equation ++25 or - -42 as a quicker way to add orsubstract numbers. It's far faster than writing in +=, -=, when using the numeric keypad. Keyboard resize (1px, 10px)Shortcuts to resize objects by keyboard. I have this in fireworks, and I rarely use the mouse for resizing when fine tuning UI elements. Shortcuts for Select All in Group (children) and Select All inside same Layer Shortcuts for collapse and expand all layers (also with ctrl+ mousr click on arrow in layers panel) Shortcut for putting selected objects in a layer "Promote Selection to Layer" (sort of like grouping and promoting group to layer in one step) Modifier key for toggling mouse selection intersects with marquee (or the other way around) Shortcut for Toggle "Edit all Layers" (could be a good workaround until isolate objects get implemented :D) SHORTCUT OPTION FOR EVERY-SINGLE-THING EVERY-TIME EVERY-WHERE!!!!!!!!! :D If there is a setting, SHORTCUT FOR IT. SHORTCUTS. Even more shortcuts. Color selection method - Eyedropper tool, Swatches, Color, etc… Modifier key to change stroke colour (or the other way around)Explanation: The default "illustrator" toggle way is really annoying. You never know which setting are you on in the heat of designing, and you constantly have to change colours multiple times, cause you accidentally changed the fill colour and you wanted to colour the stroke. (if I can't get used to this after 8 years of usage it’s a fckn bad implementation.) An elegant and often used method would be to use a modifier key to set stroke colour. - left click FILL, ctrl+left STROKE. You get used to it and never want to go back, and you will always 100% know what are you colouring. (or at least an option for it in the Preferences) Misc Program should save the interface and preference changes too regurarly. Can't count how many times I had to make the same settings and window changes after a crash. Constraints object crops stroke size and effects that is larger than the constraint box. At least an option to turn this off? Create palette from selection Create palette from document - keeping global colours Option to convert a color in the palette to global (right click menu) All settings and preferences are lost on a new install.
  4. Also the Ctrl+Alt select inside group thing works fine when you have only one layer of groups, but as soon as you have groups in a group, on top of a background, or a group inside a constraints, it just doesnt work anymore.
  5. +10 Working with layers is very slow, cause you always have to click and manage things on a different part of the screen. With isolation, you never have to worry about where you are. Speeds things up tenfolds.
  6. Nice!!! Does that mean it features a copy/paste style shortcut too? Cause i tend to use that much more than defining styles when designing.
  7. THIS!! A million times. Paste text style is a must for any UI/Web or basically any design work. Currently this stops me from ditching Fireworks.
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