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  1. I did not touch the registry. The the solution, for me, was to delete the folders labelled Affinity and Serif that were left after the uninstall. ISTM, the corrupted file lived in one of them. I my first reinstall attempts, all the settings remained the same and even the product key was remembered.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I just tried that, but it did not work. ETA: OK, I fixed the problem. I deleted EVERY Affinity app and every folder labelled Affinity or Serif and rebooted. Evidently I got the right file in the purge as I even had to re-enter my product key. But Designer now closes without the error, so result. Now I get to reinstall all the brushes I have bought and made. Joy.
  3. I was exporting brushes from Designer on Win 7 and the program crashed. Now I can only close the program with the Task Manager. If I try to close from within the program, I receive the following message. "At least one file is currently being opened. Please wait for files to load before quitting the application" This persists even after uninstalling and reinstalling.
  4. Thank you again for the quick reply. I am happy to support Affinity, but will take any opportunity not spending more money that I can. Cheers
  5. Thank you for the reply and the welcome! Apologies for being such a pain, but does this mean I can keep the version on my win 7 machine and install it on my win 10 machine? This is what I think you are saying, but I wish to be clear.
  6. Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, it doesn’t answer my question. The language in the agreement is slightly less than clear. On this thread, representatives of Affinity* mention a 5 computer limit. The verbiage in the agreement might be clear in legalese, but in English as she is spoke, it isn’t. So I need to know does it mean 1 copy per computer or one copy on each and every computer?** If more than 1 computer is allowed, are Win 7 and Win 10 considered the same platform? Typically, they are, but I wish to be certain. *Moderators **Under the personal use clause
  7. Hello, I have Photo and Designer on my Win 7 machine. I am getting a Win10 machine tomorrow. Are differentversions of the same platform part of the 5 machine install?
  8. lilbuddha

    [Fixed] [AP] Merge to HDR

    I, too encountered some strange artefacts in an HDR merge. Like a blob painted by a black, square brush. Interestingly, when I converted the colour-space from 32 bit to 16 bit, they went from solid black to two shades of light grey. Possibly translucent, but difficult to tell as they are in a grey, soft cloud in the sky. First time this has occured in an HDR conversion in AP. I converted from DNG files produced by DXO OpticsPro 10 as it is my typical workflow.
  9. lilbuddha

    Topaz Lab Plugin for AF-Photo

    I have the Nik Collection and the Topaz Collection, except Glow and Impression, and ran them all, one after another in the same image without closing closing between and they ran fine, with none of the problems mentioned in the link except for Topaz ReMask which failed to run for the same reason stated. Restyle was slow to open some of the previews, but this has always been the case for me. I will note that I only ran the latest version of each filter, so the older ones might have issues.
  10. I think it better to open the RAW in DXO first and then export the resultant image. I did notice a difference between the DNG and the TIFF. A quick check in PS and I think this is how DXO exports, not how Affinity or PS import.
  11. My default RAW processor is DXO, because it does the best I've used so far. I do like the RAW processor in Affinity and have used it for final images. However, it could use a few tweaks in my opinion. One is removing fringing. I do like that we can choose the colour, but it would be immensely helpful if we could use the eyedropper tool to grab the exact colour and if it could be additive that would be wonderful. Not fair to compare to DXO, I realise as lens comparison and compensation is what they do.

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