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  1. You may have problems with pdf's generated from InDesign if they are Printed as pdf vrs Exported. Recently I had a slew of InDesign generated pdf files that were not editable in any program because the font's did not embed in a way they could be edited. Characters missing, leading issues, character spacing errors, text blocks scrambled and not continuous. Adobe seems to be blocking many new fonts from Typekit from being fully embedded. I any case I highly recommend testing first before you retire the old files. There is a good chance that some may need to be recreated anyways. As far as Affinity having the import option for InDesign it is highly unlikely, Affinity is not going to even import PagePlus files which leaves many of us stuck. I wish they would reconsider and come up with a converter or import option. Marketing wise it would make the transition to Affinity line or products more enticing but with the lack of legacy support they will simply lose a good portion of their customer base that have legacy files they need to access.
  2. Thanks that helps but hides all panels not the side ones so you lose access to the tool bars.....
  3. Creating the styles in advance is less intuitive and awkward. In PagePlus and Quark you can simply create a headline, body copy, captions specimens and simply update an entire document by updating the style sheet from the selection. This makes approvals and revisions far less cumbersome. The way it exists now you have to go to the menu options on the style sheet and make the revision there. This is time consuming and old school reminiscent of Pagemaker. I couldn't even fathom doing a menu with the old way anymore, would drive me nuts.
  4. Is it possible to collapse or resize the side work panels so we have more workspace on the page and pasteboard? PP and DP both have the ability to resize the tool panels as well as collapse them.
  5. That is not the same as we had in PP. That is one of the least efficient and cumbersome way of defining a style. PP you simply highlight the modified text then choose the style in the list and click the drop down and "Update" to match. Even Quark still has that.
  6. Many of the users here I am sure are wondering if there will be an import feature for PagePlus files. Will there be one?
  7. Seem to be missing the option to create a style from a selection of text. I don't see the option in the drop down menu. This is something that is a must have that we used in PagePlus. Is there a work around or is it coming out in future releases? Thanks
  8. I don't think Tiff format supports layers only modes (grayscale through cmyk+alpha) and have the option for lzw compression. I do think there are multi page tif formats but possible many programs won't open or access all pages.
  9. What would be easier is a modifier key like control or alt and use the mouse direction left right to change size and up down to change opacity. There are similar controls in 3d Coat and these are really convenient. Maybe hold down middle mouse for the modifier.
  10. When Affinity Publisher is out I'll look at it's features and see if it is worth going to. Functions I need are: masterpage handling that PagePlus has (best of both worlds between Pagemaker and Quark) variable data. Color merging/replacement PDF import as graphics (Same as PagePlus) Imposition and N-up controls same or better than PagePlus. Color separation. I would rather quit my job of 30+ years than put Adobe's garbage on my system and hate to go back to Quirky Quark
  11. My concern is legacy. To come out with a product line and disband compatibility to users documents has to be one of the worst ideas and a great way to set yourselves up for failure and lost customers. I have thousands of files tied up in DrawPlus and PagePlus. Many of those require updating year to year. It would be insane for me to start over and PDF isn't a viable option especially with PagePlus files that use databases and variable data inputs as well as master pages that would be surely lost in a pdf translation. I really hope the people at Serif are going to come out with an importer so users don't lose their work. If not then I personally will discontinue using the series and start the painstaking process of converting what I have into another software suite and not something from Serif because I fear this will happen again.
  12. Some programs call those docking pallets. They exist now in PP and DP (studio tabs) and are handy but should have an option to keep open or auto collapse. For many years I used Deneba Canvas that really optimized the workspace. They had tabbed pallets and those where really easy to manage. Alternatively I have swapped back to Corel Draw which has Dockers. Similar to DP and PP studio tabs but stay open until collapsed manually. Same thing as Canvas's tabbed pallets but on the side. Giving the user the option to stick a pallet to either sides or top or bottom might be the best option depending on the aspect and resolution of their screen.
  13. Will any of the Affinity product line be able to read in the older product line? IE Designer import in DP files etc? This is my main concern. I literally have thousands of files I would rather not have to convert.
  14. I can't tell you how handy the lasso mode for selecting object and points with alt+left mb is. Is there a new modifier for that or is it just missing?
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