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  1. For the laser cutters out there...being that AD does not yet have DXF export, what are you currently using to convert files to DXF? I am exporting SVG and using Inkscape to convert to DXF. I truly hate using Inkscape and would love to find another solution.
  2. gskidmark

    Stroke on Text

    I think I just found the setting. I changed Miter to 2 and things are looking much better. I don't know what Miter is but it did the trick.
  3. How can I add a stroke to text without the weird corners? See the below attachment that shows how Affinity Designer is handling stroked text compared to Illustrator. Is there a setting somewhere that can change stroke settings so it is handled more like Illustrator?
  4. I would like to throw in my vote as well that I really need DXF export. I, also, send my designs to a laser cutter and DXF is what the machine reads. I am creating ski resort trail maps in Affinity Designer, then I jump through hoops to turn it into DXF, then I cut the vector lines out of wood sheets. Hopefully, you will add this to your road map soon.