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  1. All Affinity apps have had an issue with sticky settings and still do. Very difficult to use many things since very little of a person's settings and prefs stay, and that really needs to be worked on in all the apps. That said, linked files have been the mainstream setting since Pagemaker when it all started and, as stated, is a fundamental for an app like this. If an individual wants to use embedded, it is there to be used. And, yes, it should stay sticky as a pref. But it should not be the default.
  2. Still have the issue where I cannot see the two languages I have set in macOS prefs (US English and UK English). Instead all I get in the Character/Language drop-down is a single English and a bunch of other languages that are never used on this computer. In ID I can select their UK and US English dictionaries, but for some reason in Affinity apps I get a bunch of extraneous languages but not what I have in my system prefs. Someone in the first beta reported that on their iMac it was working correctly, so not sure why it does not work on mine.
  3. You might have the issue of APub occasionally loading APhoto menus. Try quitting and restarting the app. See the thread on the Photos menu issue.
  4. I've had this happen to me as well. I do have Photo and Designer installed, but cannot remember the circumstances when the APub menu switched. But I knew it happened when I was looking for the Document/Resources item and the View/View Mode item. When they went missing, I could not figure it out. I did quit the app and reopened and things were back to normal. I didn't realize what had happened until reading this thread and a couple others. But it did happen a few times
  5. Good to hear. I might just give it a try on this business card order! On this b-card, I did simply copy and paste from the ID file, so for a simple job like this, can use legacy ID files. Might be tougher to do with many of the multi-page pubs we do. As I mentioned in another posting, I tried to import an ID-generated PDF into APub, but many of the text blocks were joined together from across the page (headlines, subheads, body text, etc.), thus making it a really tough job to go through and recreate all the new separate and properly flow-linked text blocks. But for a simple copy-paste document, looks like it will work. The other issue we have (besides the normal flakey beta issues) is the lack of hyperlinks within a pdf from APub. Much of our work today is producing publications distributed as PDF's, and hyperlinks to websites are a must, not an option.
  6. Yes, very familiar with workflow. Our media production company does a lot of it. But I am also concerned as to whether the APub PDF output will have the fidelity required or any other issues. Although we use Photo and Designer, we've never sent any of their PDF exports to a printing company, so not real interested in possibly blowing a print job for a client. On screen, the APub pdf looks fine, but you never know. May decide to wait until others have done it without issues.
  7. Thanks for the info!! I was finishing up a business card (2-sided) in ID, but based on your post, copied and pasted to APub. Seems to have copied without any issues! Not sure if I dare send this output to the printer, however! Might be some other little surprises we all might find since this is a beta!
  8. I even deleted the beta app and reinstalled. Still no UK dictionary. Checked the Mac Dictionary app and it shows both US and UK dictionaries.
  9. +1 on hyperlinks. Need them almost every week for documents distributed as pdf's.
  10. I agree with Robinp. In the many years of using ID almost daily, never had the desire or need to open that pane any larger much less full-screen. And the APub Resource pane doesn't really have that many columns of useful info requiring much enlargement -- other than to occasionally detach it for longer scrolling needs. It just needs to be handy for routine use. It will also help once they set the default to "linked" images/assets as opposed to the current embedded default. But it still is a routine workflow to be modifying and updating linked items. It also would be important -- as in ID -- that this pane have an indicator warning symbol that the linked item has been modified as a reminder to decide whether the document's item(s) needs updating.
  11. Definite problem. I restarted my computer but still cannot see anything other than English, a single selection. I even tried to set UK English as the computer's default and still only get the single English option within APub. And as mentioned before, in the APub prefs, the language is greyed out and cannot be changed. In checking APhoto, it is changeable there, so must be a problem with APub.
  12. Interesting. I have the same settings but do not get the English UK showing in APub. Have restarted APub a few times. Not sure if I need to restart the iMac, but wouldn't think so. But at least I see that it works. Not sure why it doesn't for me.
  13. It's common when building and remodeling complex documents for a client that numerous bits and pieces related to that client are stored on the "artboard" (ID) or Background (APub), off the canvas/publication. These elements can be moved around, copied/pasted elsewhere and generally stored as "stock" items for a company's publications. Also allows trying out various elements for a particular spot. Currently in APub you have to set the background grey light enough so that you can see blocks of normal/black text, etc. However, it would be really nice when you do the Clip To Canvas (\) that the background would go dark/darker as in ID when switching between Normal and Preview. Would just dress it up a bit. And would also probably make more sense to call it a Preview mode rather than a Clip to Canvas. What designers want is a Preview check as they build the document. Thanks.
  14. If I select an image within a document, then go to the Resource Manager, that item is not pre-selected within Resource Manager. Thus I have to search through dozens of items in a normal document to try to locate the one I need to work with. Very used to ID, etc. where when you select an item, the "link" is highlighted in the panel/list, thus allowing you to relink, update, etc. As part of this, would think it would be much handier to have this Resource Manager as a panel that can be added to the sidebars since it gets used a lot in building, modifying and working with media-rich documents. We routinely modify linked items and need to update them within a document. Never done as a mass process, but done as items are moved, placed, changed, etc., so would be much preferred to have it in a readily available pane within Studio just like Paragraph, Character, etc.. Thanks.
  15. Then this must be a bug in the Mac version of APub. In Mac, in the Prefs you can't even change the language at all (greyed out/non-functioning). And in the Character panel, only one form of English is available. Hopefully they get this fixed. Going to be very tough to use if we can't set the language for the document. Very tiny docs can be manually spell-checked, but larger pubs need correct spell-check. Thanks for checking it in the other version.
  16. I guess the main issue now is that we need to be able to create a Table Style that can be used in multiple documents, and if the Table Style is updated/changed, it will propagate and be available in the many other documents that need/use that Table Style. Obviously, it would not automatically change existing tables within a document, but it should change the Style itself so that a designer can go through an existing document and update the tables to the new/approved style. As it is now, it appears that a person has to: 1) Change a Table Style in one document; 2) Go into all the other documents that need/use that Style; 3) Delete the old style and import the newly modified style. Like a color palette or other common settings, if updated somewhere, should propagate to the other documents where it is used. Actually be nice to be able to create Global Table Styles that simply show up in any document, and those Global Styles would auto update. Save a ton of time. And time is money to the client.
  17. Do you have a choice within APub between US and UK English on windows?
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