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  1. Crashing again with Recipes again in v150. It crashed after about the third Recipe selection was made. It didn't generate a Photo Beta crash report but the one attached has a time stamp at the same time, so may be the results. quicklookd_2019-08-05-144429_TRAC-Main17.crash
  2. I did that for sending the file to you so that you'd have the images that are normally linked (as per a common instruction prior to uploading a problem file). Have been doing some more work this weekend with the new beta and have not had a reoccurrence of the crash when opening other files, so maybe a one-off for whatever reason.
  3. Aha! Now I see what's happening! When the "place" cursor is hovering over an existing picture frame, it seems to automatically preview the placed item in that frame! That may be "by design", but it does make it hard to place new items on top of existing frames. Perhaps I am doing something the wrong way??? Update: I tried adding two new picture frames on top of the main picture frame to contain the two new psd files and seems to work better. Slower way to add minor graphics, but at least doesn't cause the issue reported in first post.
  4. Have not had this happen before. Had a mutli-layer small advert and was going to place a couple art elements on top. However, when I selected the items individually to place (psd files), before clicking and dragging to place it, the main pic layer below it disappeared completely and a large, stretched version of the file to be placed appeared instead (see pics). Once I placed the 2 psd items, the display went back to normal, but this would, of course, preclude precise positioning when placing if a person were relying on the main picture layer. Very strange and can't say I've had this happen before in any of the versions. Can upload various files but would need a link.
  5. With both Metal display and compute on. Previously did not work properly but the latest betas work much better with metal now. Still might be a few glitches with metal but not with my common workflows.
  6. As per my other post on the newest beta speed improvements, with the new 1.7.2 betas, my speed is massively faster than 1.6.x or 1.7.1. And that's processing 24MP RAW 3-bracket HDR merging, tone mapping, plus other touch-up tools, then custom export. High Sierra, iMac 2017 i5, Radeon Pro 580 8192 MB, Metal display and compute. Cleared up the slowness with the 1.7.2 betas and made it significantly faster than 1.6.7. In fact, too fast for me to even get some coffee drinking done while I work! (I typically do several hundred of these RAW develop/merge/tone map/touch up/exports a day, so am very familiar with typical speeds.)
  7. I've uploaded the file. However, it only crashed the one time after updating the beta. Since then it opens fine and I haven't had issues opening others so far, although I haven't had time to test a lot of previously created files. I also had to go into the file and embed the images and re-save in the new beta, so not 100% the same file. Don't know if the crash report showed anything strange but thought I should report it.
  8. I agree that this needs to get sorted out better. Really a remarkable capability, but has some very rough edges that make using it a bit dangerous as bergdesign said. I'm just now testing the newest beta 442 and was wondering iof this has been resolved, but it hasn't. Using Studio Link to edit a linked APh file does not change the original APh file, nor does it create a new, embedded version for "safety". I would think this should have a preference where you could select (maybe per document) if edits in SL update the original file. But if it doesn't update the original file, it does need to embed a new version so that edits don't get lost.
  9. Crash report attached. High Sierra. Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-08-01-124602_TRAC-Main17.crash
  10. Still doesn't work in v442. If I rename an open file in the Finder, then make changes to the file in APub and resave, it creates a new file/doc. All other Mac apps I am aware of over the years will self-correct the changed file name.
  11. Crash report attached. Crashed after selecting the 3 NEF pics. Had not happened after doing a dozen or so, but this was after a lunch break, so not sure of that had anything to do with it. Affinity Photo Beta_2019-07-26-140329_TRAC-Main17.crash
  12. No, didn't click or enter another Persona. I think the key issue (in hindsight) was that I had edited one of the other APh files in another window, saved it, then came back to the main document. Once I did that, I noticed that if I right-clicked on the layer that had originally been copy/pasted from that changed document, I did not get a contextual menu dropdown. Same with trying the Layers "burger" menu - nothing. I was trying to see if there was an Update menu item to bring in the changes I had made to the original text document I had just updated. Since I couldn't get contextual menus to work, I clicked on the top menu bar, possibly the Edit menu, and voila! The 3 grouped Studio panes mentioned vanished from their docked spot in the middle-right sidebar. When I quit and restarted the app, the "missing" group of panes showed up detached as a group just right of the middle of the entire screen. Someplace there is a thread where someone with a similar issue said the panes disappear off the screen, perhaps, but no explanation why. And no explanation why making changes to a file that has been copy/pasted into the main file might cause issues. I'm aware of the several issues in APub with linked files having problems when they are changed, but not sure how that might relate to this since the text elements/layers were simply copy/pasted into the main doc in this case.
  13. Thanks! So far seems a little faster on a couple things tried, and fixed at least one issue for me. Having integrated APh into my workflow more and more, I am, however, finding a huge issue. I've rearranged things a lot in the Studio/workspace. And all too often, if I crash trying out things, I find I can lose my workspace arrangement and have to start all over again rearranging things to get it back to what I prefer for my work. At least I've become smart enough to do a screen capture of my workspace so I know where to begin It would just be a HUGE improvement if we could save and name workspaces in all Affinity apps. Just takes too darned long to rebuild a workspace if a crash or something else resets it back to Default. Thanks!
  14. Interesting note. This is also happening in the Photo beta v146. I did find that if I went into the Export/PDF dialog and turn off the option to Preview resulting file, it no longer opens Preview after exporting a JPEG. And as stated before, JPEG export doesn't have an option for previewing the resulting file, so cannot simply uncheck it there. Not that it wouldn't be a decent option in that and other dialogs.
  15. For even further clarification , type=text for those too young to remember. I started in the days of "typesetting" and "copy-setting". Even lead hot-type. Too used to the old industry slang for many publishing/printing things.
  16. Agreed. Preview has many, many clever uses. However, it is not an option in Affinity Publisher beta to have it open an exported JPEG. PDFs, yes, but not JPEGs. As I said, it is apparently "storing" that pref from the PDF export options and applying it erroneously to the JPEG export. That said, it would not hurt to have it as an available option for JPEGS. But it just isn't there now, so this is a bug.
  17. The main Affinity Photo beta document that had the issue reported. Made revisions to the other Affinity Photo beta document that contained only text/type. For full clarification/translation of the shorthand slang, I created a new Photo beta document that then had the reported bug problem. Within that Photo beta main document (containing a jpeg background layer) are two other groups of layers containing only type/text. Those two groups of text/type were created in the other two open Photo beta documents (one Photo beta document for each group of text layers, each group containing two Artistic Text elements), and those text/type Photo beta documents remained open while working on the main Photo document containing the background JPEG and the two grouped layers of text copied/pasted from the other two described open Photo beta documents. In other words, all 3 Photo beta documents were open, but it was the one with the background JPEG and the copied/pasted text/type groups that exhibited the reported bug of vanishing Studio panes. [Separated Mode or in a consolidated window?} Consolidated. I'm using the Mac beta forum to report a Mac bug. A similar "disappearance" of Studio panes/panels has been reported, but this appears to have a couple different circumstances.
  18. Not sure how exactly to reproduce this, but it's happened 2-3 times. Had an existing new doc open, very simple, created in the beta. One layer group was from another open APh doc (2 blocks of artistic text), the layers copied and pasted into the main doc. I had just revised that type doc, then went back to the orig main doc to see if I could somehow get it to update or if I had to copy/paste it in again. When I right-clicked on the text group (2 text items grouped), I didn't get anything. I also tried the "burger" menu dropdown (Layers pane), but nothing there. I then clicked on one of the main menu bar items (possibly Edit) and immediately the group of Studio panes (Layers, Adjustment, Effects, styles, Stock) disappeared from the right middle sidebar. When this had happened previously, I made the wrong choice by using the Reset Studio which lost a ton of time, requiring me to completely re-set-up my customized workspace (need to be able to save workspaces!) from scratch. This last time just now, I just quit the app and when I restarted, the missing panes were floating together in a group right of screen center towards the top. I could then drag the group back to its place in the right middle sidebar. Not sure which part of what I did caused the issue but it generated a lot of curse words when I lost my workspace! I'm thinking it is somehow a result of editing the text group in the other open APh doc, then going back to the main doc. The main doc is very simple — a main full-frame low-rez jpeg as background, then 2 groups of text copy/pasted from other open APh docs (2 artistic text blocks in each group).
  19. Has been happening fairly often. An export of a JPEG in APub results in a switch from APub to Preview after the export. The resulting JPEG is not, however, opened in Preview. Had been using that option in APub for PDFs but that option is not there for JPEGs. I've found that I need to quit APub in order to get it to stop switching to Preview.
  20. I've noticed when opening RAW/NEF files in the beta that the pic opens to the far left of the screen. Since the Develop persona does not have any panes/panels in the left column, once the pic is developed and it shows up in the Photo persona, it is covered by the typical left panes, thereby requiring moving the pic back to the center of the window. I can't remember for sure, but I thought in 1.6.7 that RAW files opened in the middle of the screen so that they did not need to be slid over for further work. If this is as-designed, would it be possible to get the RAW files to open in the center instead of far left? Thanks. (Tried uploading a screenshot but came up with an error message numerous times.)
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