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  1. Wow, fantastic, @GreatSouthernBear! Nice work! Must be really interesting. I cut my DTP teeth on QuarkXpress on big Macs in the 90s.. memories!
  2. Hi JFisher, I've actually tried a few presets (and none) with the same result. I attach the files (.afpub and PDF output) - a c.100 page ebook. Thanks! Catalonia-messed-up.pdf Catalonia.afpub
  3. Have an issue with exporting to PDF, some of the titles and lots of segments of text are garbled (random characters). The body text affected is in italics. The document is an imported PDF (from InDesign, I think) and I had to replace the fonts; it may be related to my trying to use "different" fonts instead of all sub-styles, as I couldn't find a set which contained the whole lot and had to add from another source (and I'm not a font management expert!). Not sure why some, but not all titles are affected, though. Any thoughts?
  4. Any news on this? Neeeed! Otherwise, love the addition to the Affinity family.
  5. Neat solution, Thanks Dave. I needed to wrap text around a globe, so I used the Pen tool to create a shape which followed the curve of the globe then extended to the rest of the section. Marked as Text Frame and hey presto, you have a text box in the shape of the negative of the object you want to wrap. What I'm still trying to work out is how to add padding, as I drew the shape to the edges so the text is right up against them. Adjusting the baseline neutralises the effect of the shape as it just knocks it straight downwards. I'm sure I worked out padding once, but I've forgotten!
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