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  1. With new beta, tried opening a previous IDML. Once again, it said that resources were missing (they were in in the Links folder in the same place as when the IDML was created). When I relinked the first "missing" resource, it then asked for another from that same folder (shouldn't it be able to find all of the supposedly "missing" resources if they are all in that same folder?), I selected the 2nd one and it froze the modal dialog requiring a Quit to get rid of the dialog. This is one of the previously uploaded IDML set of files: "Aero LAS A4..."
  2. Just tried the Add Pages From File and once the dialog opened and I tried to click on anything, the app crashed. Affinity Publisher Beta_2020-01-17-093204_TRAC-Main17.crash
  3. Yes, got the crash also trying to create a new style. Happened after clicking the "Save/Create" button. Affinity Publisher Beta_2020-01-15-163557_TRAC-Main17.crash
  4. On item 3, I copied the text from the imported IDML and pasted it into TextEdit. It seems that somewhere in the process several small "spaces" were added within words. Those "spaces" may be the "unsupported characters" in the error message, but not sure how they got there. Possible misinterpreting of ID hyphenation?
  5. Opened "Clean Water 2017 - Fresh Water.idml" (you have this file and links) and when running the Preflight, this time it said there were missing fonts. I don't recall the font being missing (Futura Bold) in the last beta when imported/opened, but don't know that for sure. 1) Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm not seeing a function in the Font Manager to "Replace all occurrences with this font" in order to find and replace all errors without having to go throughout the doc 1 by 1. Maybe there is another way I've missed such as the Search?? Be nice to be able to do this within Font Manager since it is a somewhat common thing opening older docs, etc. 2) I then did a Locate on the "missing" font (Futura Bold) and manually changed the font to the same one but one that worked (not sure what happened, same font and style). I then went back into the Font Manager (having left the window open) and did a Locate again, but this time I got an immediate crash (report attached). 3) Also got an odd Warning in the Font Manager about "Unsupported Characters use". Can't see anything in that text block that is obvious. I also selected all and reapplied the font and style (Times Italic) and still get the error message. I don't see any odd characters. For your reference and testing, these spare text blocks are on the pasteboard to the right of pages 1 and 2. Affinity Publisher Beta_2020-01-15-151505_TRAC-Main17.crash
  6. Just tried to import the "Aero LAS A4" IDML again in today's new beta and have mostly the same issues, plus an odd opening issue. 1) Upon opening, it said it could not find several resources and asked if I wanted to locate. You have theses files (ID and IDML plus links), and all images, etc., were linked to a Links folder. However, APub didn't seem to know that for several of the resources, so I had to locate them. However, when I selected the 2nd "missing" file, the dialog froze up (see screenshot). I ended up having to do an ESC to get out of the dialog. Interestingly, it had actually saved that linage. 2) All of the previous graphics that did not have Picture Frame controls are the same -- no controls. 3) Did not get the warning/error after opening the Resource Manager and replacing a graphic. That said, none of them showed Modified, only Missing this time, plus I had that hang at opening during the Locate function.
  7. Get an error message when doing a File>Share>Email. The share works and I get the attached file in an email, but got the error message twice. Did an HDR Merge on RAW files with Tone Mapping, then the Share. Use this feature often and always worked in 1.7.x, so not sure what this is.
  8. I just tried selecting a photo in Photos, Clicked Edit, used button to select Edit in Affinity Photo (beta), in APh I added an adjustment layer (curves), added a Live Filter (Gaussian Blur), clicked Save, closed the window, returned to Photos, clicked the Save button, all changes were there. Clicked the Done button in Photos edit mode and returned to the Photos browser and all changes were there. Didn't need to do any flattening. I realize that this was not extensive testing by any means, so not completely indicative of issues in the beta, but adding layers and round-tripping worked in this case. Not sure why, but thought I would at least let you know. This is in Mojave with Metal, so can't speak to Catalina issues.
  9. I routinely have to use the MacOS Zoom feature (CTRL-scroll) to see some things. Thus it would be nice to be able to change the sizes of the tools and other icons/text.
  10. Just checked my 5k iMac and I'm not seeing a significant diff when the windows are overlapped. I do agree that much of the interface is (and has been) a bit too small to comfortably see on a 27" iMac.
  11. Yes, in the last beta round in 1.7, I had EC working okay, albeit with a very poor preview. But the final release it failed to open at all. The only thing I could think of is that perhaps because I use the Mac App Store version of APh, perhaps there is a problem with sandboxing, etc. Whereas the betas are direct from Affinity, so maybe an issue there??? Just keeping my fingers crossed that this time it will work in the Retail/App Store version since I do use it fairly often and just hate to have to go back to my old PS CS5 just for that.
  12. That would be a nice feature/capability for these IDML imports if possible.
  13. I just uploaded a couple screenshots that are marked up to show the graphics/pics imported within Picture Frames that do not have controls. I'm pretty sure I've previously uploaded that particular IDML import APub doc to you. In my looking, I don't see that it has been for a particular file type, so not sure why it happens.
  14. Just uploaded to that same link the Fresh Water version where I changed everything to embedded. I also just tried the X4 export on this file and it worked. On the png graphic, I am thinking that I did have it in Assets when I was testing that feature out, so may have grabbed it from there for placement within these 2 docs. Both these docs were created in 1.7.x, but have opened and saved versions within beta 1.8 in order to see if that might resolve the issue.. I also seem to remember creating that png composite graphic within APhoto for use in various publications. I think I also remember having had an issue with it at one time in one of the APub betas, but that got resolved. I think I also uploaded the original APhoto file, right?
  15. Playing with it a bit more, I can mostly get the preview to render properly if I expand/contract the window size. Sometimes it takes a few attempts, but usually works. Thus I know it can render the preview correctly, but it appears the preview is not updating/refreshing properly. But at least so far, it is now usable again from within APh. Hooray! Edit: Using Metal.
  16. For professional purposes (working professionals with several clients), cloud storage isn't practical. I have thousands and thousands of bracketed HDR 24MB/ea RAW+JPEGs pics. In addition, multiple copies of processed versions of those, often 3-12 versions. Really only practical to store on a local Thunderbolt RAID. But as I said, for many people Photos, iPhoto, Aperture, other apps, cloud storage, etc. works fine. And as compared to the many years of storing thousands of negatives, slides and prints, this is MUCH better! After many years as a pro, when I went digital, it was a blessing in so many ways! But a good local-based DAM would be nice! Assuming it doesn't store the masters in a proprietary file/library!
  17. Yup, just tried an old TIFF and it wouldn't open at all. Didn't crash the program but would not open. This TIFF was not made in Affinity. From quite a few years ago, shows created in PS 7. It does Open in APh 1.7.3 and does Place just fine in APub beta 523. Accel_cover.tiff
  18. Really hate to get into this "fight", but I just tried doing a Photos pic: duplicated it, Edit, Edit In Affinity Photo. Made changes (did a colour halftone), saved in APh, then closed the pic in APh. The changes were saved back to Photos, did a Done there and the changes were reflected in the pic in Photos. I also tried the APh extension Haze Removal from within Photos and it worked and saved just fine. I will readily concede that this performance might not be universal for everyone's configuration, but for my fairly "normal" Mac, works fine here. I do have to say that as a pro photographer, I don't use Photos as a DAM since I need all my master files readily available in client folders/directories, not in a "library" file. (Been a pro for decades and have used numerous apps for DAM, but today do not like the current options. Liked Aperture a bit since I could store originals/masters in their original locations and not within a "library" file.) But I would likely welcome an Affinity DAM since I am generally pleased with what they are doing with the other apps. Just my 2-pence.
  19. Just tried it on mine and I get the correct dialog. I opened the New dialog, created a new doc, added a table, then tried closing the window. Note: This was using one of my created presets, new doc, only added a table, then tried to close window/file.
  20. Yes, since then I looked at the original ID files. I guess I had never needed to know that in ID their graphic elements (rectangles, ovals, etc.) are actually in a "frame", so I was surprised after importing the IDML. Now that I know that, I am expecting it. Still have the issue, however, where on a couple of the IDML imports (files already sent to you) a few graphics/pics came in to APub in a frame but with no controls for sizing, moving, etc. Can't seem to figure out why it happened with those items since they don't appear to be a certain type. All were originally Placed into ID by simply using a Place command. Many come into APub just fine, but a few don't come in correctly.
  21. Here's the More dialog settings (attached). Only changed a couple things in this screenshot, but even if I try to export with the default X4 settings, I get the error and no output. No, this was created in 1.7.3. Possibly may have used a Open PDF as a starting point. It will not export in either 1.7 or 1.8 beta. And yet another virtually identical version of the doc (a fresh water version) exports fine, which seems to suggest that there is an offending image in this one that was not in the other. But I have no way of knowing since the Preflight doesn't show anything wrong and the error message doesn't say anything relevant. I'll upload that graphic element. It might have been added to both versions of this pub from the Assets panel within 1.7.3, but I'll use that other link to send the original to you. But as I said, it is the same graphic in both versions and I can export the fresh water version just fine.
  22. I got the dialog when I tried to click the Update button for all the resources showing as Modified. Typically I would select all resources showing Modified and then click the Update button, so not sure which one causes the dialog.
  23. Thanks, Walt, but not the problem here. Have the same file in the same place with same fonts, similar file name (but different copy, pics, etc.) that outputs just fine. It's something within the doc, likely one of the images/pics, thus would be interesting to see what Jon and team can find that is happening.
  24. Not sure what the problem is with this file, but it errors out when trying to export it as a PDF-X4 (or even X3). Had a sister file (nearly identical) that worked fine, but this one refuses to export in either 1.7.3 or 1.8 beta 523. Original file had virtually all linked files, but I also tried with embedding the files. I've uploaded the file via the link provided yesterday for my other issue. It's labeled as pdf-X4. A note: I also notice that with this particular file, it never does calculate the estimated output file size. Don't see that with the sister file or any others I've done.
  25. All files uploaded. I also just tried importing/opening the IDML file again since it's been awhile since I did this. Got that dialog twice this time asking if I wanted to link instead of embedding. It also created the 2 small mysterious TIFF images that show as embedded. And as per your comment, there were no embedded files other than the newly created (by the import or IDML process) 2 TIFF graphics. All other graphics/images were and are linked. Odd that this time it asked me twice about wanting to link instead of embedding and also asked twice about where to store the linked files.
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