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  1. Thank you everyone, you're the best. It works.
  2. Seriously, yes. But just in case do you know how I can do what I am looking for. In Sketch or Illustrator it is so easy, but in Affinity can't find the best way to do it.
  3. It is been a while since I used Affinity Designer and I don't find what I am looking for in the forum. Is there a scissor tool in affinity designer. I am trying to make a circle with an arrow and I don't want a full circle the pie and the donut tool doesn't give what I want. Thank You
  4. I wanted to know is there a way to see in real time the measurements between objects like in Sketch, in Sketch we just have to hold alt (option) on MAC and I see all measurement from an object and in relations with others can we do this in Affinity Designer? CMD doesn't work... Thank You
  5. I wanted to know is there a way to see in real time the measurements between objects like in Sketch, in Sketch we just have to hold alt (option) on MAC and I see all measurement from an object and in relations with others can we do this in Affinity Designer?
  6. No problem, like I said it is only a suggestion. But I think you are right about how they working on Affinity Designer to be more a vector art and design tool. Affinity Photo being a photo and rasterize tool. Affinity Publisher for print editing. And what could be nice is Hat knowing that they are focusing on 2D art and design. To complete the suite a standalone app like Affinity Animation (lights versions of After Effects (only motion and 3D cam for parallax) + Spine (FreeForm, Skeletal with a little frame by frame animation feature) + InVision Studio or XD for prototyping + Resolve or Final Cut for editing). But I repeat light versions of those tools, what will enrich that app is to play with the addition of the personas.
  7. Thats what I said hehehe. Maybe my english is not that good. I said to "make another tool instead of putting them inside of AD".
  8. More I think about it. Maybe the best could be more another tool instead of putting too much features into one tool. That's what I like most about Affinity it is more intuitive and lighter than Adobe tools. Less submenus to find features. What you need is more upfront. I really like the persona aspect of the Affinity tools. I am more and more interested in digital 2D art and design. And I think what could be nice is a tool that incorporate some kind of "light versions" of After Effects (only for motion design and playing with 3D camera with 2D assets, for parallax effects for instance) not the whole thing, of Spine for Skeletal, FreeForm and adding a frame by frame features for animation and finally something like Anima a plug-in for Sketch or InVisionStudio for the prototyping features. Imagine that an Affinity tool had like 3-4 personas; the first is for animation and motion (like I said a merge maybe of light versions of After Effects and Spine), another persona for Prototyping and maybe another one a light version of Resolve or Final Cut just to make some kind of editing for 2D arts/animations. Could be nice, it could complete a nice 2D pipeline. More and more GIFS and prototypes are uses for UX design and to transmit informations to colleagues and customers. Could be nice to make our own not Disney heavyweight movies, but just have our own little studio or even being able to export those interactions and animations in game engine like Unity or Unreal or GameMaker etc. I am only putting this in the suggestions box.
  9. Hi I didn't know where to put that request and I think there was some similar requests on the forum... But I wanted to be sure and make a little precision. Considering that there is a lot of people that want to use Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo as a professional tool, to me it is Affinity Designer, for Digital Drawing, Graphic Design, UX/UI... and certainly motion design & 2D animation. But considering that one of the most important tool is After Effects and that it is really hard to work with AD to AE, because it doesn't import SVG, you can't import EPS with transparency and gradient into AE, actually you can with PDF, but when you convert to layer to work with all your different layers everything disappear. What I am trying to say is AD and AE don't work really well together. So I was wondering, actually almost begging Serif/Affinity to develop some kind of a motion and animation... and why not parallax effects tool. Not one as complex as AE, we don't need everything. Like a light version of AE with only motion features, animation tools, maybe something like Spine (http://fr.esotericsoftware.com/), a light version as well; imagine an animation tool that got like 2-3 personas like motion; skeletal animation; parallax and that is able to export to tools like Unity, export PNGs animation, Sprite sheet; mp4 and mov. It could be amazing! Thanks for reading me even if it doesn't get done.
  10. I think it is my third or fourth time that I write something about this bug, and it is a huge one. I am sick to write about it, I am sick to still get it, I am sick of all the news about Affinity and still having this huge issue. Happily this tool is not too costy, but I have to admit that is it maybe it is F-word Crap! I'll go bak to Illustrator, seriously I just can't work with this. The devs should be ashamed sorry to say something as harsh and negative, I always talked to my colleagues and friends in the business like Affinity designer is a a good tool, but with that kind of bug I can't say it anymore, seriously you guys do F-word something just do it!!!! Here's the thing for the fourth times at least, when I work with Affinity Designer on my MacBook Pro 15" 2016, 4BG Radeon 460, 16BG Ram, Intel i7 2.9Ghz, latest MacOS and that I connect a second display and I want to work on that 32" 2K display, there is some few manipulations that creates glitch that makes things disappear. Like if I draw a square and I zoom in it is gonna disappear partly or entirely, then I zoom out and still there is a glitch. It is the only tool that does that, After Effects works fine, Sketch works fine, only Affinity Designer. Don't work on new features, don't do anything but bug fixes please guys seriously stop everything just do bug fixes, not just tis one, It may have others, but this one is pretty annoying and huge, for f**** sake! People don't all works on the monitor of their laptop!!! Thank You
  11. Here's again with the 1.6.1 beta. tried it it seems to correct the glitch when zooming in my main monitor. First screen shot on my main macbook pro monitor, second screenshot on my second monitor .... everything disappear and glitch what the hell?
  12. I am not sure what you are trying to say, me it is simple, I draw a few rectangles. If I am working on a second monitor or zooming in those rectangles tend to disappear or glitch. Can't work like that, I seriously think going back to adobe because they pissed me off with their model, but it works and I need to put food on the table.
  13. Big bugs with Affinity Designer, not the first time, a beta version and 1.6 fixed it for a time, but I think since I am on High Sierra it appears again. When you zoom in or work on a second monitor, a bigger one, like every professional, there is huge glitch I don't see what I draw, for example rectangles I'll put a screenshot so you can see. REALLY ANNOYING AND FRUSTRATING
  14. Hi I've got a pretty huge problem with Affinity Designer, when I use it on a second screen HP Pavillion 2560x1440 theres is a lot of glitch making Affinity Designer useless. If I use the pencil I doN't see all the lines, and when I do for example a rectangle it doesn't fully fill, on ly when i click on it pretty wierd and frustrating. Working with the last Macbook Pro with Radeon Pro 4Gb, Sierra 10.12.6, 2,9Ghz i7, 16Gb DDR3. Affinity Designer 15.5 I put a picture so you see the blue rectangle of my shape, but you see the fill is not full and all the brown rectangles that you see are incomplete I hope you find a solution because I simply can't work with it, can't work no money, no money no food in the fridge... Thank You
  15. Hi Matt, I know that you guys are working hard so don't worry my question is only because I am wondering, no stress. Considering that the release of the 1.6 version is delayed, can we know if that feature is still in the loop, a priority and will it come in that version? Thank You very much Keep up the good work.
  16. Hi considering that 1.5.5 is out and that 1.6 is in the loop, actually I read that it will come out around Easter. Does that mean that the prototyping persona will come out aswell or just light UI and brush stabilizing? Thank You
  17. Hi I hope I'll explain my problem well. I am trying to use Affinity Designer as my new UX tool for wireframes and mockups, and so far so good. But there is a little something that is irritating. Every time I want to center some text inside like a circle or a square, it is never truely centered. My snapping tools are on. but still even if I put my text on the red and green line, the text is always a little off. I saw that every text got a little space between his bottom and the bottom of the selection box. So I think it is because of that, I am looking in the transform text dialogue box to see if I can do something... but no good conclusion. What should I do? Thank You
  18. Just a question I know that Affinity Designer is now at the 15.3 version, do you have an approx. on when the 1.6 version will come out? Thank You
  19. I think that if you guys includes a persona that works like Adobe Experience Design or InVision or Flinto You'll be ahead of your competition. all-in-one design tool. Maybe later an animation persona like Krita or even better Spine hehehe maybe it is overkill or too much to ask but... we can dream ehehe Seriously guys that tool is great keep it up. Guillaume, Montreal
  20. Hi I think I already wrote something similar but I think it is pretty important for us and you hehehe. I seriously think that Affinity Designer with an interactions/prototyping persona could be a huge step and asset for you guys and us as users. Considering the popularity of Sketch and additionnaly Invision or Flinto and also the new tool of Adobe Experience Design. If you add this kind of persona you will certainly gain a good spot in the market. But at the end it is simply my opinion. https://www.flinto.com/ https://www.invisionapp.com/ http://www.adobe.com/ca_fr/products/experience-design.html Thank You and again keep up the good work
  21. Hi considering that a lot of designers are still working with Adobe Illustrator, like some of my colleagues and collaborators, it could be nice the be able to import and export ai files like you did with psd. Thank You Keep up the good work
  22. YEAH prototyping and maybe just some animation features could be amazing. I really like what Krita did with their 3.0 version with a frame by frame animation tool. Even if Spline is a better way. https://krita.org/en/ https://www.flinto.com/ Like you could add personas for prototyping features and animation. With this kind features you could assure a good place against Adobe Illustrator and Experience Design or Sketch with Flinto Plug-in
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